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Mossberg MVPs upgrades

So I bought a MVP scout and I’m totally happy I got it it is one of the best shooting rifles I own right out of the box. There a couple of short falls to it that are common to all MVPs it seem and it suprising no one has com out with affordable fixes.

1 is the mag drop
2 is the the ejector I’ve lost it twice
3 is the plastic trigger guard and mag well. It seem only one company trying to make anything and that only for the 5.56/223.
Would love to see what other owner have to say about these guns


Boyds stocks sells some after market parts that might work for you.


Thanks I’ll look into it


Hey @zzrguy, welcome to the farm!
Whadd’ya say Wadd’ya got?

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I got a far selection of fire power from from pistol to magnum rifles.

Was hoping to find some parts for this MVP. It hard to believe no one makes anything for these rifles. They are great rifles but can use some improvements .

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