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Mossberg MC1sc/MC2c, why no love?

Got one? Shot one? Know anybody that has one or tried one out? Any they problematic or just not a big seller?

When first introduced they were kinda hot, now you hardly hear much of anything about them. I see where a thread was started back in July 2019 but that’s it.

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I have Mc1. I put tritium sights on it. (if memory serves the sig 365 sights will fit). It takes Glock43 mag.s in addition to Mossberg. I’ve tried but still have an issue with 9mm. I’ve got a few nice pistols in that round but can’t get excited about it. The Mossy is a good shooter and an all round good little gun. Laid next to a Sig365 and a Glock43 it looks like it was cloned in between.
I have a problem that I’m still working on correcting with short barreled guns. I tend to shoot about a foot low at 10yd’s. I know it’s not the gun, it’s me!
I didn’t always have the problem but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong. I shoot my 5" and 4.5" pistols just fine but when i get to that shorter bore axis I have a problem. I have to aim at the top of your head to hit you in the heart. If aimed at the center of your chest… well you get the idea.