M*CARBO Brotherhood

Mossberg 702 Trigger Spring kit

MCARBO Brothers,
I recently purchased the Mossberg 702 plinkster trigger kit. I purchased the rifle many years ago for $99. Due to the ammo situation I’m shooting more .22 LR these days to conserve my other more important stock.
The MCARBO trigger spring kit transformed a sluggish gritty and generally shitty OEM trigger to a decent rifle trigger. Two thumbs up.
The improved pull made the rifle a joy to shoot. Accuracy also improved.
Can MCARBO come up with a kit to make the 25 round Mossberg magazines for the 702 and 715 work more reliable?
If any of you have some hacks to make these 25 rounders more reliable let me know.
Pic is 5 shots at 50 yards with little wind and 28 F.