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Mossberg 500 Cinderella

The M-Carbo trigger and hammer spring was what the doc ordered for my Mossberg 500. It started out as a pawn shop shotgun sporting a plain, 28" fixed modified choke barrel. I traded in a Remington lightweight 20 gauge for two shotguns in 12 gauge to obtain a shotgun for my oldest son (who wanted a 12 gauge).
The morphology went from the plain barrel to a 24" vent rib barrel with accu-chokes. It then became a conversion after I had to ship it to replace the safety button that had split (the older ones were a flat checkered plastic) because I wasn’t a Mossberg armorer or professional gunsmith (I debated with the lady for 30 minutes to no avail) and it was to them a liability issue. The upside was Mossberg sold me a Cruiser kit for a great price which contained the 7 round magazine tube and spring, and the 20" Cruiser barrel with a fold down rear sight and ramp front sight. So…part of the year the 500 was a dove gun or duck gun and after hunting season it became a home defense shotgun.
When I started to shoot competitively with Cowboy Action Shooting, I decided to try 3 Gun also.
I wanted to shoot a .308 rifle and .45 1911 which is the Heavy Metal Division and requires a pump shotgun. That’s when the 500 became the 8 shot Cruiser model full time. I discovered the trigger assembly frame for the standard 500 is plastic and I speculated how it would stand up to competition use. I found out that the 590A1 trigger assembly has a metal frame and is interchangeable with the 500 trigger assembly so I ordered one from Mossberg for < $50.00.
It was a drop in fit however it had a very heavy trigger pull so when I happened upon M-Carbo’s Chris William’s installation videos for the trigger spring upgrades for the Mossberg 500 and the 930, I decided to try them. All I can say is they work great. The 500/590 trigger assembly now has a nice trigger pull. Sorry about the long thread, but I thought it may be helpful for someone who has a Mossberg 500 and wants to modify its use.


I have one. Mine is decades old and reliable.


My first gun. It has never let me down or left me wanting. Mossberg 500 “just in case”. I added the top folding stock and front pistol grip