Mossberg 500 Cantilever Mount

I bought a Mossberg 500 12 gauge about a year ago with the cantilever
slug barrel.

I want to add a Mossberg Red Laser Sight but the mount will not go on with
the cantilever slug barrel. Can the mount be removed ? or do I have to drill
and tap the mount?


Are there screws on top of cantilever mount fastening it to barrel. Or a dove tail joint. Or welded/soldered on to barrel. If theres no screws holding it to barrel i would say its probably soldered on permanent. Which means youll be forced to buy another slug barrel without the cantilever mount.


I do not see any screws or dove tail so must be soldered or welded. :frowning:
Ill try tapping to see if it moves.


I may be wrong… but I believe that scope mount on the Mossberg 500 rifled slug barrel is permanently fixed. You probably notice the slug barrel is way thicker than the standard barrel. Maybe keep it and get replacement non-rifled barrel? You can probably find a plain barrel for $100.

Doesn’t help if you want the laser with the slug barrel. You can also get a slug barrel without the scope mount. About $200.

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