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Mosin Tak-85 Tech Manual translated

For those of you who don’t know, I am into vintage Finnish Mosin Nagants. I have collecdted a few of them including 4 M39’s (including a Sako, 2 B barrel VKT, a 1967 “Sneak”) an M39F (F=Faux/fantasy rifle oine I can do anything I want to as it it has a McGowan Barrel, a round receiver, and everything else Finnish surplus, it was all disassembled long before I ever got it), an M28/76 shy a few parts (damn optics), and am slowly collecting the parts needed to build a TAK-85/TKIV-85 civilian target rifle (two varients civilian Finnish Marksmanship program, and the sniper rifle. Parts for the civy are on the market, but the sniper is still in service, so no parts out there yet). So I have Finnish TAK-85 technical manuals, One in digital format, one in hard copy. I have done a draft translation of the digital copy, and could stand to have some people review/help in the editing area. Some words just didn’t cross over.

The process of converting a different language is not hard, you need a PDF or Word document, convert the PDF to Word (Office 2016 is what I am using), you will need a converter, adobe wants $14 a month (gets expensive when you think about it), I wnet with a less expensive alternative and paid $29 for the year. Once you convert the doc to Word, you can now cut and paste into Bing Translator (Google has their own version as well), and then copy and paste from the translation into your own Word Doc. So now some of those vintage rifle technical manauals may be translated for you on the cheap. Keep in mind, if the PDF is nothing but old scanned images, odds are you will have issues converting. Mine was basically a clean PDF that translated 99.5% without issue. I haven’t tried my paperback yet, but am in the process of trying that one next.

Let me lnow if you would like to review the draft doc, I am at work and don’t have it here to post or I would.



work seems to always get in the way!!

Doesn’t it though. Are you interested? Essentially read the translated parts and see if anythign seems out of order.