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Mosin Nagant Tula 91/30 Scopes

Recently picked up and ex-sniper edition (correct tool markings as well as filled in scope mount holes) Mosin with an Archangel stock. It has a no name scope in it that I plan on replacing. I am looking pretty hard at the Brass Stacker mounting options, and will more than likely go with a Vortex scope. I prefer to get my scope as far back as I can. Anyone have any pics they would care to share with their scopes and mounts so I can have a look? Thanks!

More than likely going with this mount

Brass Stacker

Bad Ace Tactical has several mount options and plenty off pictures to look at. I used the scout mount… IPost christmas retroe1e51ebcd907cec1bfdcac85af435114107c39bc_2_666x500


@Rob2 iv ordered and waiting for new scope for my 270 a hawlke sidewinder 6/24/56