More Turkish Taffy - Stoeger STR-9

This is a Hell of a deal. Stoeger STR-9 Compact 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol | Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore

As some may know, Stoeger is owned by Beretta. I acquired a Stoeger Cougar in a trade a long time ago. Reliable and accurate as any handgun out there. I ran all kinds of ammo thru it. No hiccups.

An old friend and experienced pistol shooter in gun-hating Maryland loves his full size version of this pistol. He is possibly the most frugal man alive who doesn’t care about brand and never pays retail. He is so tight he squeaks.

Anybody looking for an affordable 9mm pistol … this is worth a look. You might have to go with a generic holster since Stoeger is not a big, mainstream brand in the US. A good choice for someone’s first semi-auto 9mm. As you can see from the pic in the link, it has some Glockish attributes.