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More Charging handle issues

Only about 250 rounds thru the S2K and I noticed small pieces of metal hanging off the handle. Further inspection showed some tremendous wear on the handle which fit exactly with the openings in the buffer tube.

Charging handle has a readily discernible grove cut into it, meaning that metal has been cut from it.

Thinking about trying to round off just the sharp edges off the buffer tube. Any tips, suggestions on performing this without changing weapon configuration.


Hmmm …

I just pulled my charging handle (Recoiless) to look. Mine shows no signs of contact with the bolt tube.

Get a few more opinions, but IMO, the charge handle should not contact the bolt tube outside of the lock back notch location. I’d be contacting Kel Tec for a return ticket - 'cause I think something is wrong. That’s a whole lot of clocking to get the charging handle to make contact like that.

I guess I should also answer your question. I wouldn’t hesitate to wet sand my bolt tube to make for a smoother ride. I would just make sure the receiver was higher than the bolt tube so run off rolls out the buttstock end of the tube.

Last edit (maybe): Looking at the side of the charging handle cutout shown in your picture … I don’t see any sign of a matching wear pattern. I expect the side not shown did the cutting.


The harsh reality is that on this platform the charging handle reciprocates with each round fired and the contact is going to be metal on metal. That being said the charging handle is going to eventually wear down at the area that you have highlighted. Other recoiless charging handle owners can testify despite this fact, the charging handle has survived thousands and thousands (my rifle and RCH is pushing 12k + rounds ) and shows no serious signs of failure.