More Bad News has arrived

Many years ago i went to a temp service cause work was super slow and i was hoping find something extra part time to feel the gaps. While i was setting there filling out a bunch of crap paperwork giving the temp service permission to use me as a slave at cut rate wages while they profit the same income im getting. Anyway i watched as the lady at desk took a piece of ripped off notebook paper from a mexican lady as proper form of social security number. I stepped in told the lady i wanted to speak to whoever was in charge of running such a scam operation. What i got was security escorting me out and banned from using temp service. Work Force Carolina is the name of temp service. Its one of the biggest sources for temp to hire jobs in NC. And its a complete shell.


All the Hispanics working construction in southern VA are hired trough them. Probably they all have the same SSN.
I was friendly to them on jobsites, mostly all of them sheetrock guys or painters. One of them told me how inconvenient would be to be caught by INS - they’ll send him back in Mexico and that trip back and forth would cut 2 weeks of his work. Plus some fees to the coyotes - not that he would not know where to go trough, but he would be stopped on the other side if he doesn’t pay up.


Yeah work force carolina has a huge base in Mt Airy which is closest big town to me. All the big companies use the temp service employees so they can get cheap labor use and abuse the help and when there ready to be hired full time shit can em and get a fresh crop of temps. Then they never have to pay full time wages or benefit or anything. While the temp service is raking in just as much if not more then each of there temps. I was doing a flooring job couple years back and the crew doing all the sheetrock and paint was mexicans. And i was talkin to one who spoke a little english and he said he only needed couple more years of working here and he was going back to his ranch in mexico. Said he had 60 acres and a bunch of cows back home and had been saving and sending his american pay back home for 8 years and needed a couple more years and would be good to go for life.


I play the game …
1- I always pay my credit card off per statement…so no fees.

2- With my business Credit card I get points. I use the points to pay down a statement about every 3-4 months. At the moment I have enough points to pay down the next statement by $350. I could use the points for cash if I need it.

3- So far the points-credit-cash is NOT TAXABLE although you could say it’s income?

4- I use the business card everywhere I can…from gas to food…and get the points.

5- I bought and flipped two houses…with my credit card and didn’t pay any fees. Yes I have tremendous credit.

I tell all my business friends to STOP paying for gas, food or anything else with cash…use a card with points.

I don’t use a debit card…ever!

I recently pulled more cash out of the bank to buy an extension of my property. Real Estate is a better investment at the moment.

As good as my gold, silver, and apple stock looks …I’d say they are covering TRUE inflation…about 12-13%. Only way to make money with these investments is to keep for a long time…or sell some when things are on fire.

Still better than leaving cash with the “Banksters” for 0+ %.:face_with_monocle:

The upcoming problem as I mentioned:


Me neither! If the info gets stolen, it’s banks’ money not mine. They are very quick in fixing that problem!
It happened three or four time by now, last two times Discover security department called me before I even noticed it:
Sir, do you recognize this purchase?
Thank you, you’re all set, we’ll send a new card overnight!


I use a prepaid debit card. When i need to buy online or use a card for something i go up to the closest family dollar load my cash that i need onto prepaid netspend card then use card for its purpose and dont leave no money on it. The thing that gets me with banks is they use your money to make theresleves money but there is no benefit to you. Not to speak of unless you hsve it all divided up into these funds and those funds. Like i was telling a buddy the other day who likes playing the lottery. I told him if he ever hit big and took his millions of dollars put them in his bank then go back next day and say you want to close account and i would guarantee that his bank would not have the cash to give him his millions back on the spot. The only person i trust with my money is ME. I have never cared for “precious” metals except brass and lead. But i 100% agree with you on real estate. Land is getting used up everyday and at some point there will be no more thats not being used. Around my neck of the woods it was mostly all farm lands and slowly the big spread owners die off and there grubby little kids sell it all and these mickey mouse houseing developments start poppin up. With all the city folks getting out of the city and along with them they bring there city problems. Slowly but surely there will be no country livin left.


Ive been investing in brass and lead since the 80’s…got into all the metals then living on a sailboat and traveling out of the USA.
MORE is better! :sunglasses::boom::boom::boom: But after 20 years age I don’t a bullet goes up or even holds it’s value…due to some degradation of the powder.

Compare the charts for gold, silver, and apple for the current status if one invested there.

What’s the value of the US dollar (CASH) over the past 20 years? :face_with_monocle:

The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.24% per year between 2000 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 59.30%.
US Cash is no longer KING…:face_with_monocle::scream:


If you are disciplined enough to pay off your credit card bill in full every month cash back cards work very well. I use my credit card for everything I can. I have close to $10k in rebates over the years and have never paid $.01 of interest.


The British are coming (again).

( Paul Revere actually never shouted the legendary phrase attributed to him) at that time colonial Americans still considered themselves British)

But the bad news is

The US has now lifted its 20-month travel ban on non-essential visitors - by allowing in fully vaccinated tourists from countries including the UK.

will start planning my vacation for next year lol


Looks like China is getting more serious with target practice…


I usually like to quote the original source instead, more details. Here it is:


Enjoy yourself in doing so.


Bad news for the prosecution. And the trial should have been ended right then!


It’s time for O’keefe to file an abuse of power and malicious prosecution lawsuit and tell these socialists to Golf Foxtrot Tango.


Yeah, the wife had Spotify playing on our rental car radio via her phone and along comes a message from PGE (or some entity) talking about dishwasher usage and that peak hours are from blah, blah, blah to blah, blah, blah and do your part to conserve energy by running dishwasher on off-peak hours……
I’m thinking to myself OFFS… :roll_eyes:


Inflation #’s getting more real….and it sucks for the average worker salary. :rage::rage::rage:

Inflation rises to 6.2%, 'thieves' are stealing from your paycheck -


@TexasEskimo :eyes: Beto O'Rourke announces campaign for Texas governor


Re Beto…

Once again… always learn from the past. Never bring your skateboard to an AR fight.

He’s a moron of the highest level of morons. The rest of the morons look up to him.


Guess nothing is out of bounds as a terrorist target