Monstrum M-LOK 45 Degree Offset Picatinny Rail Mount

Just thought I would try to save any one any trouble in finding and offset rail mount to allow your Sub2K to fully close on the latch. I spent a little time going through off-set rail mounts and found this one to work excellent.


Good to know! Im getting kinda tired of my quick connect mount loosening up. Might one of these a try.



Let us know how the plastic mlok slots hold up over time.

You may also benefit from a forend stabilizer bit by an outfit called Performance Services. Short story is: many have found the slots lacking stability. Performances Services makes a bit that keeps it more steady.


Iā€™d like to go ahead and put one of these stabilizers on, but they are currently out of stock.

Nice! What type of carrying bag are you using?

Vertx Dead Letter Sling