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Modifying California compliant Sub-2000's

Over on the KTOG group, a question was asked 10 days ago that has gone unanswered with a serious response. Here’s the question:

" . . . I would really like to shorten the LOP. If I drilled out the shortest plug and then plugged the longest one, would it be legal? The stock still wouldn’t be adjustable. Does anyone know what the holes are plugged with? Thanks for any info you might have on the subject!"

This seems like a valid option as long as the minimum overall length and legal intent is maintained. Right?

This also begs a question about that fin and SLIGHTLY modifying it for better operation of the charging handle so folks with dexterity limitations/disabilities can operate it in compliance with state and federal ADA type laws.

Unfortunately, modifying something that has already gained favor from authorities seems fraught with all sorts of legal liabilities.


I can give you my answer. But it won’t help you with the freedom thing. You’re trying to interpret CA gun infringements. Gun guys can’t help. You need a legal department.

I will tell you that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution basically gives you freedom to do whatever you want with batwings and plugs, etc.


Thanks @Dred I figured there may be a few “Gun Guys” that hold FFL’s here that would have a better chance of providing and ACCURATE answer than a $500/hr legal department :wink:


I’m not a lawyer, but I did stay at a couple of holiday inn’s. But my understanding is the s2k’s buttstock isn’t readily adjustable. I.E. can’t adjust it on the fly. You have to technically disassemble the action to adjust it (take pin out, then the plug, recoil spring is kind of unloaded, and align it all up and reinstall the pin) . Can’t really shoot the gun if it’s in that state. Unlike a ar platform, pull a lever and bam adjustable. But both you and I are in kommiefornia, so YMMV. You know how kommiefornia is and does things. Ya know, shoulder thing that goes up.