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Modifying AR Buffer Tube To Fit SUB2000


I seen on this forum where a guy added an adjustable stock from an ar by cutting and chopping an ar buffer tube to fit over the sub 2000 buffer tube. What are the legal issues that could cause a problem with doing this modification?


@xxKilgore92xx You should have no problem with the B.A.T.F. as long as the serial number is not obliterated. Some commie blue states may have a law against an easily adjustable butt stock. Best to check your local laws.:wink:


@Don68 I’m in Tennessee so I would think I’d be alright. I’m just researching before I decided to do it. I won’t be cutting on my sub 2000 I’ll cut up the buffer tube.


Check the sizes of the buffer tubes. If i’m not mistaken, you will have to hone out a lot less material if you use a commercial spec buffer tube. Mil-spec tubes are about 1/32 smaller so it will need a lot more work to fit over the S2K tube.


Yeah. Like he said. Use commercial spec. There’s a lot of good info posted here.


Good idea,I would like to see a MP5 type stock that would be cool


Thanks for the info. Have any of y’all seen the modification done?


@Dred, has done it to his. Maybe he can post a picture here.


Look up post #79 of the “AR-15 Buttstock Adapter for Your Sub-2000” thread. He has some pretty god pics of how he modified his.


Start here for discussion and pics of my adaptation:

AR Buttstock Stuff


After the upgrades it’s gonna be a hard decision


@Dred looks amazing. How does it feel? And your thread is the one I seen the mod on.