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Moderator Question: Thread sorting

Am I able to reverse the order that thread are displayed in a post? I much prefer seeing newer threads at the top of the list and not be starting with thread #1 of the post.



I figure you mean: First post in a thread?

Answering yes 'cause my thread view always advances to the first unread post.

My thread listings always show the threads with the most recent activity on top. Are you looking at “Latest” or “Unread?” Based on my understanding of your question, you will like the sorts. Select your sort from the drop down on the upper left of the thread listing.

This has been the second post in your thread titled Mod Q: Thread Sorting.


Where do you make this setting change? Or Change this setting?

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Traslation: Second row of thread listing. First button lets you select category. Second button on second row is Latest (red in my view). Third button on second row is Unread. Press Latest and Unread to see how you like those sorts.


I think he wants to sort the posts newest-to-oldest inside each thread, not the threads themselves. I don’t think there’s a way to do that - at least I didn’t see anything in user settings.

@NeutronBoy you get to user settings by clicking your avatar picture in the top right corner of the screen, then clicking your user name.


@NeutronBoy Hi Mark. Sorry I’m just now replying. I don’t think threads can be in a reversed setting in the manner you are speaking of.
It won’t reverse the order, as in your question, but you can do this.
If you look at the slide bar to the right of the posts, at the top will be the date the thread started and the first post, and at the bottom will be the time of the latest post.

If you click on the time/date of the latest post, at the bottom of the slide bar, it will take you to the bottom/end of the thread. This will put you at the latest post, without having to scroll through the entire thread from beginning to end, if you want to read the most recent first. You will be scrolling backwards from bottom to top however.

Hope this might be an alternate solution.