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Missed it by thaaaat much (tooless charging handle pin)

…So, I finally got a chance to function check my Sub2K in factory form and get home to start installing all of those improvement parts I’ve been ordering as recommended by friends and here…
…Go to the videos to refresh my memory on the new recoiless charging handle with fiddly pin/screwdriver/cussing improvement over the original slim version and discover 9 days after I ordered it the new tooless version began to go out…Doh…

…For those who have used both, is the tooless version worth the money or just get good with a screwdriver and be done with it?..


@Draconis Welcome aboard. Getting good with a screwdriver never hurts.


…LOL…Thanks for the welcome…Gonna see how much cussing is involved when I give it a go…
…Old hands aren’t as good on fine detail as they once were but haven’t forgot how to hold a screwdriver…or how to throw one…



First of all welcome to the forum. I had the original charging handle before the non-attached connecting pin and my charging handle never broke but when the tool-less connecting pin came out I decided to upgrade and after getting it attached to the recoil spring it is very easy to reassemble. I am just at the age where I will pay a little more for easier.


I dont find that its much “easier”… but i now dont need to go grab the long skinny screwdriver for re-assembly.


@festus,@draconis, getting good with a screwdriver while drinking 1-2 screwdrivers is even better lol, calms the nerves a little bit and steadies the hands


@Draconis: Hear ya loud and clear on the old hands and fingers. They just don’t bend like they used to. Will be posting photos in another thread of my adventures with my CZ Phantom that had my hands aching for days afterwards. :smile: