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Misfeeding fun gun

I recently bought a sub-2000 and found when I use a OEM Glock 33rd mag I get relatively frequent failure to eject. The bolt catches the spent casing partially crushing it, with the next round chambered. Anyone else?


got 3 33rnd for a 17,never a issue, how many rounds thru your sub, what gen and how much front to back wiggle you have in your mag when its locked in place?


Gen2. I’ll have to check on any wiggle. I’ve had similar experience with my G22 pistol, obviously a 40 cal 33rd in that case. Frustrated


Oh, something like 2-300 rounds total. 1000’s with my G22


never had a issue with the sub or 17 feeding them 19 was my problem child with extended mags, they was just enough back and forth rock to make it bite a casing every now and then with recoil pulse. have to look up the fillers i ended up using but someone made a plastic sleeve that snapped on the mag and locked it at the base on the gun. keeping the leverage wiggle out. out of all the pistols i have the 19 ,and it was used when i got it, is the only picky pistol i had to work bugs out of.


I just checked and there is a very slight wiggle, but similar to the 15rd mags that don’t have that trouble…so far. Thanks for you thoughts. I’ll keep pulling the trigger and see how it goes.


try supporting the mag with pressure to the rear and see if it still miss ejects…
more weight = more force to move on the 33 rounders. leverage


Aftermarket clips are poke and hope. I just got some clear plastic thing, forget name, 30 rounds, works great. I’m lucky but I’ve bought some clips, too, that were a waste of money. Don’t blame the gun immediately.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve not been thinking it’s the gun, since it works great with the mag that came with it and other 15rd mags I have. Mostly hoping someone knows mags or how mags work with this gun better than me and could fix it.


Late breaking news…I decided to do some upgrades to the Keltec. Basically I did most if not all the M series upgrades and took it to the range today. Shot flawlessly with all my mags. No matter what size. Lovin it!!:sunglasses::us::eagle: