Minty green Sub 2000 trade up arrives tomorrow

According to FedEx. I sent in my old gen 1 to KT, get a new Gen in return for $150 plus tax. I also had them install the heavy bolt and test fire it. That was another $45. Such a deal!

I stuck with .40 cal because I like it and already have a 9mm Gen 2 S2K. Mult-Mag with the Glock fitting.

It will be MCarbonated in a couple of days. I bought the full S2k kit and will do it myself. I have already fully MCarbonized my 9mm.


Maybe not so minty but it is green. Fresh out of the box minutes ago.


Theres nothing like that new gun smell. :+1:


The heavy bolt option I had them install? Well… it is noticeably heavier. A big hunk of brass. Cant wait to shoot it and see if the gun behaves or feels different with this upgrade. I put a lot of rounds thru the Gen 1 I traded in. It was pretty much worn out. The S2K is not an heirloom that get passed down for generations. It’s a “shoot it like you stole it” gun.


Ordered the MCarbo notch sight and optics flipper mount. The internal upgrades kit will be done this weekend. I’m on the fence about the front sight. That can wait. Maybe the Red Lion upgrade. As is my recent habit with S2K’s, the RDS optic will be a 2 MOA Vortex Crossfire. I have one I removed from an AR pistol I sold last year. I’ve found the Vortex Crossfire to be the best all around in its price range. The flippy MCarbo mount and the nature of how a folding rifle is used presents some challenges in a modestly priced RDS maintaining zero. I don’t enjoy wasting time recalibrating optics every time I pull the trigger or move the gun. That has not been the case with Crossfire.

As if that excitement were not enough gun Viagra, I packed up and sent in my other beat up Gen 1 to KT. After weighing the cost of renewing it and adding upgrades, the exchange was a better deal. And without question the Gen 2 is a more refined firearm by comparison. I’d estimate putting somewhere around 20 thousand rounds thru that old Gen1. It’s tired. Time for it to go to the Happy Hunting Ground.


In premarket testing several of the beasts frequenting this Forum did their best to break the flip mount or cause the optic to lose zero-with little success.


I’ve had a good experience with the mount. Well made. Optics… depends. You get what you pay for.