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Mini-14 Accuracy

I expended quite a bit of .223 ammo last month trying to get my Mini-14 to shoot for me. I even went so far as to change scopes.

So now it shoots consistently to point of aim, but the best it seems to do from sandbags on the bench is 2 to 3 inches at 50 yards with 55 grain bullets. Is this the best I can expect? Does anyone have experience with 62 grain bullets doing any better?

For several years mini 14’s did not shoot accurately with anything but premium ammo. What barrel length/ twist do you have?

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Others have had good results by adding a strut to help stiffen the barrel. This link should help you determine the twist rate for your mini.

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@Albroswift Well, according to the serial number, it’s 1:10, which brings me back to the original question. Will it do better or worse stabilizing a 62 grain bullet?

@Festus Thanks for the link.

They built some 1-10 16" guns a while back, like I noted above, didn’t like cheap ammo. I know, I had one. My Colt HBAR w/ open sights would out shoot it scoped. Try some some quality 45g or 55 gr .223 not 5.56.
62gr will probably keyhole at 100 yards.