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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


@godallmighty We had those too. The engineering battalion had the M88s while we had the M576 assigned to the combat support company in our battalion.


@VAbowhunter @godallmighty and here I thought the M936 wrecker was a heavy beast! (Okay laugh at the young guy in 5…4…3…2…)


@Johnksg :rofl: :rofl::rofl:I feel so much better now :dizzy_face:


I was asked the other day, “what was my worst duty in the Marines?”

I would have to say it was doing the squadron briefings as a young NCO to all of those officers sitting in their leather movie theater seats in the squadron briefing room!

I was surrounded my Colonels, majors, captains, and lieutenants as far as the eye can see and I had to tell them what life was like as a FAC and living in a vehicle.

They always wanted to know about things like “where do you go to the bathroom? and where do they sleep?” (Short answer - anywhere you can!) my favorite was, “when do you shower and shave?” (You don’t…your lucky to have drinking water!)

Then I would have to do a demo of field gear and what personal items to bring.

Talk about being nervous! You try explaining to a major that he is gonna have to pee in an empty water bottle because the Lcpl who is driving will not stop for a piss break! Lol

Or explaining to a major the importance of the 3-Ts (Tabasco sauce, toilet paper, and tape!)

Or my favorite… “There ain’t no rank in the humvee!” Everyone pulls security watch, everyone farts, we stay out as long as we have fuel and water!


Just thought I would share this since the thread has gone quiet…

At our monday coffee a new, young Marine vet showed up. He was pretty brash, trash talking POGs (people other than grunt) and anyone who didn’t have a combat action ribbon.

I finally had enough…

I introduced him FULLY to the MEN at the table: Vince who was a rear gunner on dive bombers in the Pacific during WW2, Richard a “mere radioman” who was with 1st division at the Frozen Chosin were every Marine was a rifleman, Mac who ran gun trucks in Vietnam in the supply convoys, Bill the combat engineer who spent 2 tours in 'Nam defusing mines and booby traps, and myself RSOP for the wing who was deployed ahead of our lines (with other POGs) doing threat assesments and marking targets for the aerial campaign.

At that table there was a Navy Cross, two silver stars, and a bronze with v.

All of us were POGs!

Be proud of your service, but don’t diminish another veterans contributions either!


POGs when I was in we’re non-combats and just crappy soldiers in general. I know the acronym but we called grunts POGS too


@Kona we had several different names for 'em, but mostly we were just envious of the guys who had hot meals and showers on a daily basis!

Bothers me a bit some of the attitude of new generation. There was rivalry of course, but at the end of the day we were all marines!

I get the pride of the grunts…I am proud of them as well, and they were the reason I spent days living out of a humvee with my team to make sure that every threat, every bunker, every minefield, and obstacle was identified and that we had birds in the air and anti-aircraft units tasked to deal with it!


So let me say this, to every veteran on this forum, be you grunt, cav, supply, motor-t, medic, pilot, cook, or intel…

Thank you for your service and have a great Veterans day!


@Kona yeah we had those guys too…they’re in every MOS and branch of service. The sick bay commandos, the ass-kissers, and slackers.

We called 'em “shit-birds” and were more than glad to pawn them off on another unit whenever possible! :smiling_imp:


@Johnksg Well said
Have a safe Veterans Day


@godallmighty you as well Howard, try to stay out of the rain! (Never fails our parade is ALWAYS in the rain!) Lol


@Johnksg That’s what we get for living in the Pacific Northwest. Oh no, the sun is out , I better get out side and do some shooting. More fun to shoot in the dry than the wet. :grin:


@godallmighty sun just came out here as well…I think hitting the range is a capital idea!


rainin like a cow pissin on a flat rock here, dont matter none though, any day is a good day to shoot…


@Kona When I was in the USA back in the ‘70s we called them “duds” and when I was in the USCG in the ‘80s & ‘90s we called them “slackers”. Thank goodness they were few and far between. The vast majority of men & women I served with, both combat & support personnel, were dedicated folks that I’m proud to have served with. Happy Veterans Day!


@godallmighty @Johnksg or like we used to call it in Kodiak, “Sunshine Liberty”.


@Johnksg Just got back from shooting. My friend just got a Glock 43 , not Glock hating, but meh. Somebody left some pumpkins a the shooting spot, so I felt obliged to put a few dozen rounds through their smiling faces. Something satisfying about shooting a pumpkin. I hope the sun stays out for a few more days , I didn’t bring my S2K and am feeling a little guilty. :open_mouth:


In those days, I liked Vampire liberty when we were stateside, redcross bus pull up on the pier, all hands that were’nt on the watch bill would line up on the pier, give a pint of blood, liberty was called, and as a group would unass our AO to the closest strip club on the strip , to replenish our low hemoglobin levels with the appropriate amount of beer, rum,sourmash, and members of the female persuasion…(boost our lagging energy levels):+1::+1::+1::smiling_imp:


@godallmighty you know it occurs to me that I have never shot a pumpkin…sounds like fun!

I am with you on the Glock, I can’t fault them…they just don’t thrill me.

I did take my S2K out, put about 100 rounds through it on the shot clock to just get a feel for all the new mods. I am looking forward to the last shoot of the year!

@GOBLIN lol! I had forgotten all about those “bloodsuckers”! They did the same to us in the Marines. Would line up the entire company for a volutary/mandatory blood draw.


A little military humor.

A Soldier, a Sailor, an Airman and a Marine got into an argument about which
branch of the service was “The Best.” The arguing became so heated the four
service men failed to see an oncoming truck as they crossed the street. They
were hit by the truck and killed instantly. Soon, the four servicemen found
themselves at the Pearly gates of Heaven. There, they met Saint Peter and
decided that only he could be the ultimate source of truth and honesty. So,
the four servicemen asked him, “Saint Peter, which branch of the United
States Armed Forces is the best?” Saint Peter replied, “I can’t answer that.
However, I will ask God what He thinks the next time I see Him. Meanwhile,
thank you for your service on Earth and welcome to Heaven.” Sometime later
the four servicemen see Saint Peter and remind him of the question they had
asked when first entering Heaven. The four servicemen asked Saint Peter if
he was able to find the answer. Suddenly, a sparkling …white dove lands on
Saint Peter’s shoulder. In the dove’s beak is a note glistening with gold
dust. Saint Peter opens the note, trumpets blare, gold dust drifts into the
air, harps play crescendos and Saint Peter begins to read the note aloud to
the four servicemen:
Memorandum From: The Desk Of The ALMIGHTY ONE to: All Former Soldiers,
Sailors, Airmen, and Marines
SUBJECT: Which Military Service Is the Best

  1. All branches of the United States Armed Forces are honorable and noble.
  2. Each serves America well and with distinction.
  3. Serving in the United States military represents a great honor warranting
    special respect, tribute, and dedication from your fellow man.
  4. Always be proud of that.
    Warm regards,
    U S Coast Guard (Retired)