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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


@Johnksg In the Army, we always found ways to make it roll uphill and blamed it on the 2nd lieutenant . They were never smart enough to figure out how to get out of it.


@godallmighty turns out that a AT4 rocket leaves very little left of a camel other than a scorch mark and some little, itty bits of charred gobbets of flesh!

And apparently those god damned camels mean more to those nomads than all of their wives…I actually had to “stand tall before the Colonel” on that one!


@Johnksg I’m sure it was not the first or last time before the Colonel.
We would have loved to have some of those “ity bits of charred goblets of flesh”. They would have tasted better than c rations.


@godallmighty you know the 1stSgt and I tried real hard to run that angle, but unfortunately for me we had an “ass-kisser Lt.” who was always at Bn HQ in a whole different country at the time.

I told the Col to reduce me to E4, the first sergeant said something similar…we kept our (reduced to pvt.) machine gunner!


@godallmighty my mom was a good upstanding mormon prepper. Us kids used to eat them crackers and rock hard chiclets when she wasn’t looking. (My favorite was the ham and “slightly” green eggs.)

You know I never once complained about MREs! Lol


Moral of this story…don’t wish for “peace on earth” because bored marines do really stupid stuff!


Remind me some day to tell the story about how a bj and a tank recovery vehicle in Korea almost caused an international incident!


@Johnksg Can’t wait. Sounds intriguing.


@godallmighty I have a feeling you have a few stories of your own! Lol

So are those dozers on the road? Looks to dry for the recovery track to be stuck.


@Johnksg The recovery was off to right, over a berm. The thing that looks like a dozer is a side view of a M114


@godallmighty I enlarged the pic and can see that now…of course before my time so I didn’t recognize the vehicle on the road.

I did Team Spirit in '87 and again in '88 while stationed in Okinawa. Ugh! Glad I never was stationed in Korea!!


@Johnksg A few pictures help tell the story.


@Johnksg With our area of responsibility almost every patrol almost caused an international incident .No joke.


@godallmighty damn Howard where do you get this stuff? Your pics are amazing! Forget the bj and NKs…I gotta feeling you have some stories. :+1:


i can still remember the serial # of my piece from boot camp 42 years ago…

on the Gulf of Mexico


@godallmighty my story was near some town called Haean, Ha’yan? Something like that…was a long time ago and just a field exercise in the friggen mud!

@linux_author your piece? Mine was called Carmelita, a lil Filipina dancer…


@Johnksg I sent all the non developed rolls of film to my farther. A few years ago, after he passed my brother found them and sent them back to me .


@godallmighty well they are amazing and I enjoy your sharing them with us.

Its pretty cool to see pics of places I remember, but 30 years prior…so much changed but some things stayed the same!


@godallmighty M88s - you could feel the ground shake when they went around you while you sat in your APC (M113, M114, M577) waiting for your convoy to move out. I was in a mechanized infantry unit guarding the Fulda Pass and we relied on them heavily to pull APCs out of the mud when melting snow turned the tank trails into a real mess.


@VAbowhunter The power of those beasts was amazing. We also had M576 light recovery tracks. More like a tow truck on steroids. Exhaust came out of the side, the drivers would sometimes go through the villages in low gear and the exhaust would make the roofs of the houses flutter as they went by, not nice to do , but funny nonetheless.