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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


@godallmighty I don’t wear them anymore but have them hanging on the mirror frame on my chest of drawers in my bedroom as a daily reminder of all the years I spent in both the USA & USCG. Good memories of all the places I’ve travelled and brothers I’ve had the honor to serve with.


@VAbowhunter @godallmighty mine are hung up on my display. (A present from the wife and kids…they dug all of my medals and ribbons and such out of the sock drawer.) Lol


And In I thought I had them so well hidden! :confused: Same thing at my house years ago


@DivaMarie you gotta love family! They are so proud of things that many of us just kinda want to forget. But in a way it was time, and I appreciate what they did.


Exactly, It started World War 3 around my house for a while! Then I Buried it in the back yard and it’s okay now.


@DivaMarie your joking…right? Lol


Not The board ! The Memories and night mares!


My son walking with me in my first veterans day parade.

I spent 30 years putting it “behind me” but my family and fellow vets made me realize the positives of military service. To share the funny stories, to be proud.

They are proud of me…they know there are some “ugly things” that I don’t want to talk about. But their support has made all of the difference!


@godallmighty where is that pic from? I am guessing korea but not sure…don’t tell me it is kinville outside of Hansen! Lol


@Johnksg You are right, Korea sometime between 68 and 70. Little village just south of the Imjin river. Lots of sliding doors, heated floors and ********* whores . :grin:


I understand fully about the ugly side brother. i dwell on some of em now, now that im older, wonderin on how the hell i came thru that, when others that i considered better than me didnt.

VA sent me to a shrink after I drug a pencil neck’s head almost thru the slot in a plexiglass window, (note:: never wear a real necktie, and talk sanctimonious to a guy in a wheel chair , not a good idea.) security detail told me to let him loose or they would commence fire, simply told them, I will break his neck before you can stroke the trigger, and at that point in my life, i truly didnt give a damn. anyway, shrinK told me i had the usual, PTSD and CRRD (conditioned reflex response disorder) I told him ,no, i had no toleration for assholes, he laughed, and said, most people just think what they would like to do, you just go ahead and act, thats the issue. I didnt consider that a problem, as it had kept me mostly in one piece for 19 years, 6 months and 22 days,(broken service) so even though there is a imprint left by the ugly things, it my touch and twist us,but what it does do forge our souls for the task at hand. somewhat tattered, and misunderstood, but still standing…


The other day at our veterans coffee I was chatting with an old WW2 marine.
He was a lifer and fondly remembered serving at Gitmo as his best duty ever!

Of course for later generations of marines Gitmo was the worst duty and the last place you ever wanted to be sent!

Oh, how times change…


I know my pics aren’t great…this is my two uncles (who served in same squadron) in WW1. One of them even took Pershing of an aerial inspection of the AEF forces and snapped a picture of that as well!


Sky Penis 2: Leave it to The Marines


@godallmighty I have to admit…well, uhm, oh okay…does it really surprise anyone that a jarhead did this? :scream::sweat_smile:

I am a proud marine and even I will admit we are NOT the most mature bunch! (We are just known to do “stupid stuff” when bored.)

And that is why marines ALWAYS need to be fighting someone, somewhere, because bored marines result in SKY PENISES!


@Johnksg The thing is, they keep doing it and getting busted for it. You would think they would come up with something else that is great, but they could get away with. :grin:


Marines do well in certain sitiuations…tell 'em to storm mount Surabachi, surround them at the Chosin Resivor, make them use freshly dug graves as fighting positions in Fallujah and they are your boys!

But sooner or later every Sgt. will run out of sandbags to fill and then the Lcpl’s and PFC’s get bored…and stupid stuff happens!

And we are not sly like the army…its more like one of my miscreants who found himself with a AT4 anti tank rocket and a camel one night and thought, “I wonder what this would do to that camel?” :smiling_imp:


@Johnksg I hope you have pictures :star_struck:


@godallmighty no pictures, just an ulcer! (BTW the going rate for a Bedouin camel in 1989 was $125,000!)

And of course “shit rolls downhill” and that Lcpl was my very best machine gunner and a guy I absolutely fought for because I wanted him in the turret when we made the breach!


@Johnksg I hope he at least tasted good. :grin: In Korea, if you ran over someones chicken, it cost you the price of the chicken and 4 generations of chics .