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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


It’s like they carve it into your brain.


Does anybody besides me still wear their dog tags? I wear one from the Army and one from the Coast Guard.


@godallmighty nah I never really held much sentimental value for them anyway. My most prized military possession were my Cavalry spurs awarded to me in Iraq and I gave them to my friend on his deathbed fighting cancer in 2011 as a symbol of hope to keep fighting. He died on my wife’s birthday and I never learned the fate of the spurs (not that I had any intention of taking them back).


@kona Sorry to hear about your friend. I was in the 4/7th CAV, Must have missed the spur thing. Can you elaborate for me please?



Here is a photo of my spur ride where I was awarded my combat spurs in Iraq.


@Kona Don’t remember anybody in my unit getting them. We all did the combat part. Oh well , probably wouldn’t have passed the test anyway. :frowning_face: congratulations on your achievement. :clap: I salute you Sir.


@godallmighty Sabre, send me! If you ain’t Cav!


@godallmighty I don’t wear mine but I have always kept one on my key chain.


I remember going down the gauntlet to get my blood stripes “pinned on”. I was very drunk, very sore, and VERY proud! Lol


we did, tack on a crow, and when we ran with sweepers, ya had to ride the pig if you were the new guy. (riding the pig, you mounted the O float when it went over the side, and you had to hang on runnin full gear, cables, cutters, and kites, thru the grid of the suspected mine field) didnt look like you were haulin butt, till you were hodling on to the pennant pipe. bunch of psycho’s i had the pleasure and honor to run with, tacked on everydam thing. even shellback and bluenose was full contact.


congratulations to all the sailors who crossed any or all : equator , date line , arctic circle , and antarctic circle . Job well done.:ship:


@Don68 Have had one or both around my neck since 68


Yes mine are with my Metals Board Somewhere? Since 68


still wear mine as well old habits are hard to break. just gettin harder to find decent chains that dont fall apart in a week. speaking of mementos, I got mine who

still has theirs?
(my old issue K-Bar and sheath,Top knife, and my first EK i got at a PX in PI, before we went out on a I&I run). {intoxication and intercourse) I never heard of any salt going on R&R to rest and relax…




@GOBLIN still have my old field knife, but have retired it to the display. (It is a Japanese made MKIV, bought it in Okinawa).


Ah yes’ The memories of PI and Olongapo City! The Aroma of the River!:face_vomiting: The Tales of You love me Long time or Short time? The Crazy and Wild Jeepney rides back to the gates before you were AWOL! :sunglasses: My Favorite Subic Bay!


Kinville…yakisoba, bar girls, and cave punch!