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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


@Craig75 M72 is what I got to fire “back blast area all clear!”M72law-fire m72law-1


The funniest person I ever met was a LT milletic that rocked up in our unit from a very rich city family we were all sure that climbing white walls was his specialty as there was no other way out of the abortion bucket.

This one day wich also happened to be his last day with our unit started off relatively normal we left our platoon harbour just after dawn for some live fire exercises wich started of with our patrol being the victim of a mock ambush he didn’t understand the word grenade and failed to duck and a small piece of shrapnel grazed his cheek after rolling around on the ground screaming ive been hit for a couple of minutes the medics attended to a graze less than half inch long.

Anyway the day continued our patrol moved on several hours later he was struggling with navigation as iron stone was affecting his compass it was then a PVT Dean Pollard said to him excuse me sir but where is your weapon. It was then that LT Milletic realised that he had lost his steyr assault rifle. As happy little foot soldiers we all spent the rest of the day backtracking to find it.

When he first arrived to our unit he would only call people GRUNT which is terminology for an infantry soldier being a government reject unsuitable for normal training and we all revered to him as pathetic milletic or as the POGE wich is terminology for poofter on government entitlements.

I.may not be the smartest bloke however I know that when someone yells grenade that it means duck and am also aware that you never put your rifle down , who else finds it funny that the Australian government in there wisdom put this imbecile in charge of an infantry company


Have fired some of them as well the plus side is they are disposable and you were allowed to throw them away if you ran out of ammo and threw a Carl Gustav away you would get court marshalled lol we revered to it as back blast danger zone all clear a mouth full to say should have taken a page out of the US book on that one


I remember being at the grenade course in basic training throwing live hand grenades…the private throwing the grenade helmet fell off as his arm went back and all the drill sergeant heard was a “thump” hit the ground, I never saw a man jump over a block wall so fast.JPG


That is hillarious grenade range days were allways so much fun i miss not being able to throw them around anymore. I enjoy the simple life of a farmer bit will allways miss my mates in the army its stories like yours that bring all the good memories flooding back.

There was one day a good friend of mine threw a live Tiger Snake (REALLY deadly) into a packed mess hall for which he got court marshalled for. I know that it’s not the smartest thing to do bit it cleared the hall like you wouldn’t believe its not something that i would approve of at 45 yo but at 20 yo it was funny and I will never forget it.


Pic of me from our company yearbook during grenade chucking 101.


The gas chamber was fun, they lined us up in two rows 10 in front and 10 behind (I was in second row). DS’s told the first row to remove masks which they did and they started jumping around hacking, gagging and drooling, they then put masks back on and cleared them to leave. Drill Sergeant’s then asked second row to remove masks…we all looked at each other like “hell no!” Of course we did and got through it but I wish I was in the first row. There was also a tree within 15ft. of the exit door that alot of guys ran into, DS’s laughing their ass off.hqdefault


@dave67 Back in the day, they made you recite your service number before you could head for the door. Ask anybody from my day , what their service numbers is , and I guarantee that every one of them will be able to recite it even if they have not thought about it since that day.


@dave67 I assumed you were born in 1967 but these pics look like recent service. How old are you and when did you serve if you don’t mind my asking.


5801940 PVT CD Cuneo


We were also made to recite IA drill for weapon malfunction for the steyr it was eg:

Tilt to the right cock lock
Tilt to the left look in
Rounds in magazine no rounds in chamber 1st occurrence
Let the weapon fly and continue engaging

Did the us also drill this into you its is stuff you just will never forget


@Kona Those were just pictures I pulled off line that looked similer to the set up I was talking about, not much picture taking when I was in. I served 86-90 so we had BDU’s.


@Craig75 We didn’t use Steyr’s and I have no recollection of any thing like that for the M14 or M16.
We did have to recite

This is my rifle
This is my gun
This is for fighting
This is for fun

If you called your weapon your gun.


We also had IA drill for L1A1 SLR that was similar if we were carrying a mag 58, m60 or minimi we would call our weapon a gun if not it was a rifle as a gun in the Australian army is a belt or magazine fed automatic area weapon that has a beaten zone.


a photo of one of my mates eating soldiers as they absail from a chopper


@Craig75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k3fhU7vogk


Ahh from full metal jacket… good movie


Would you believe that my service number just popped into my head? After 47 years? And yup, there’s my second one… I got drafted then immediately discharged so I could enlist for an extra year. 3 years instead of 2. So I had a first ## with a draftee prefix then a second “RA” number and I still remember both and that makes my brain sad.


@xberet It makes a great password. You never forget it.:wink:


@godallmighty My 80 year old dad (Was an Army Captain Nike Missile Site) still remembers his service number.