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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


Ah yes’ as they say Stuck on Stupid !


The stupid stuff that boots are capable often defies the imagination! Its a bit better in the Fleet and deployed units, but sometimes I had to just marvel at the sheer ingenuity and effort it took for a pvt or pfc to screw up!

Of course they only do it to keep their sergeants busy!!


So what were your favorite weapons in the service?

My ultimate was a ring mount M2, .50 cal. Nothing came close to the sheer fun and joy of shooting the “beast”. A close second was the MK19 automatic grenade launcher!


@Johnksg The .50 was fun to shoot.

Also liked the M3A1


@godallmighty love your pics! Especially that of your “grease gun”. (Way before my time but I got a chance to shoot one at a machine gun shoot in AZ).


@Johnksg I gotta agree with the .50 cal but we only got to shoot them a couple of times a year. My very favorite was the venerable 1911 and we got to shoot them and our M16s a lot more often.


@VAbowhunter I thought you coasties put M2s on all of your 'lil boats?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@godallmighty I never got to shoot a grease gun but a lot of the guys in my company carried them. They were the guys, mostly medics, driving the gamma goats and the motor pool mechs driving M578 recovery tracks.


@Johnksg Yes, you’re right and on the big boats too! It’s just that after I switched from the Army to the USCG, my shooting days with the big guns were pretty much over. :cry:


In Iraq part 2, we swapped out our fastback hmmvs for some short-bed M928s that were creatively acquired from the army. Lol

Our motor pool up armored them welding plate steel and whatever else we could get our hands on (including plywood and sand bags) to support the Brits in Basara.

My truck was called “the fun waggon” it had a ring mount M2 for the a-driver, two M60A3’s on welded pintle mounts on the side, and a MK19 grenade launcher out the back over the tailgate!

Best damn recon vehicle ever!



Thats too bad…I RSO for the local CG guys when they have to do the qualifications. I was under the impression that they shot with their heavy weapons more?

They are always telling me that they do their “function tests” of their MGs once they are past the bar…


@VAbowhunter We always had one with us when we went on on patrol in the DMZ. Guy on point would carry a Ithaca model 37. The last guy had the M3A1


@Johnksg They do but the Coast Guardsmen who get to shoot the big guns are mostly the fire control technicians, gunners mates and boatswains mates. Since I was a radioman, I pretty much just got to watch when they were having all the fun.


@VAbowhunter @godallmighty my days in theater we were always a vehicle mounted team. We did route and threat assessments, provided transport for engineers, seals, and scout sniper teams, and occasionally convoy security. In our AO we used heavy long range weapons above all else.

The 6x6 trucks were such an improvement over the “fastback” hmmvs we started out with!


I was the odd duck, i liked the M1918 BAR A2 , even after they were replaced they were more than a few of em bouncing around and the gun bunny had 4 of em, he also had a more than a couple of M1919 A4s, that had been converted to 7.62, and a linked belt, upgrade over the old cloth belts. they were the conversions that were marked MK21 MOD 0, it was the M2’s lil brother, but it ate up the world…
one day i will own one of the Ohio Ordnance M1918 A2 conversions.


Had to laugh when I saw the BAR. There were Vietnamese “Popular Forces” aka PF’s, sort of a day job for the local VC. Supposed to be rather like a local militia.They were issued WW2 US weapons… Garands, Thompsons, BAR’ and M1/M2 carbines.They HATED everything other than the carbines, some could barely lift the BAR and the Garand and thompson were both a load. They sold the Thompsons to Americans, either gave away or “lost” the BARs and Garands.
I remember they wore black PJ’s and cone hats… when you were in a vehicle and passing a group of them, you did not take your eyes (or your sights) off of them until you were out of range.


@GOBLIN great pics! I wish I had taken more pictures while I was in the service, but I was career and thought I had all of the time in the world (until suddenly I didn’t.)

And a big :+1: on the BAR! Before my time but my grandfather used to sing its praises!


@xberet we felt the same way about the Iraqi security forces…

Having armed personnel behind you whom you don’t trust in a fight was nerve wracking.

We ALWAYS kept our weapons on them and made darned sure they knew it! For the life of me I don’t know how the SF guys who were training them dealt with it.



Watching LAAM Battalion launch their missiles was always fun!


I was in infantry i found the Carl Gustav 84mm SRAW great fun to fire.