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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


I showed up for NTC at HAAF and our flight got canceled. It was me and another medic supposed to go with an outside unit. The Sgt. That picked us up wanted the two of us to go back to his house in Savannah and stay the night so he didn’t have to drive to Stewart and pick us up the next day for our new flight. I refused and made him bring me back to Stewart. He was pissed and the next day when he picked me up I was still drunk from the night before and he ratted me out for being hungover for not staying at his house. I had to go to NTC for a month and then as soon as I got back my punishment was to get back on a flight straight back to NTC for another month in the desert with my unit. Ugh hahaha


@Kona gauntlet thrown and challenge accepted!

My guys pulled into 3rd regiment AO (we heard the had some cases of peaches!) We were one vehicle down, pretty nasty and disgusting after living out our hmmvs for several weeks. We were outta uniform, way past regs, we were using the triangular bandages out of our first aid kits as head wraps…we got chewed out by a SNCO when this colonel walks up and said “leave them boys alone!” ( His name was Mattis.)


@kona HAAF! Wow, you guys are really pulling my nostalgia strings today. I was assigned to the USCG air station there 1981-1983. We flew HH-52 helos for SAR and LE. Two of my kids were born at St. Joseph hospital in Savannah during that time. One of my best duty stations!


Is that frowned upon? :thinking::joy::joy::joy:


@VAbowhunter I wasn’t lucky enough to be stationed at HAAF. All the best tail was stationed there and it was like a Wonka’s golden ticket to be assigned there.


@Kona it was during the first gulf war…POGs were kinda running the show. But in all fairness we were all boots on that one.


@kona The only “tail” I got to chase was hunting feral pigs. We could walk out of our OPCEN and right into the woods on base to hunt hogs. We’d take them to a buddy’s house in Richmond Hill for a good old fashioned pig picking. Richmond Hill was very rural in those days.


@Kona @VAbowhunter hurrumph! Try being at camp hansen and NTA…no tail but lots of snakes! (I had too look up HAAF just to know what you guys were talking about! Lol)


You know I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how we were supposed to complete a land-nav course in triple canopy jungle with no az points and just a compass!

How did we ever survive before satnav & GPS? Lol


@Johnksg land-nav was not my friend. Luckily we did ours in small groups and I just piggybacked to victory. I shammed my way through a lot of things actually haha


@Kona we all did… “Fake it until you make it!”. Lol


One of the best duty stations I got was at Governors Island in New York . They had a golf course , and every golf course needs a golf course superintendent. That be me. :smile: They even sent me to Cornell University so the Admiral would have a good looking course to show off to his buddies.

Second best duty station ever. :+1:


@godallmighty whaat?! Dang some guys have all the luck! (Of course I saw some of your earlier pics…you take the good with the bad) :+1:


@VAbowhunter Best duty station?..Hickam AFB, HI, 548th Recon Tech Group (86-90) detached 29th. Eng. Batt. Ft. Shafter, HI. Because of my MOS, 96D Imagery Analyst.


@dave67 sorry,out of likes for the day!

My best duty station was MCAS Yuma…thats kinda sad now that I say it!


My favorite duty station was when I was TAD on the lighthouse on the southwest pass out of Venice La. on the mouth of the Mississippi river. It was a fisherman’s paradise. Also enjoyed my time TAD in Key West Floride during the Murial Boat Lift. They actually put those of us assigned there up in beachfront hotels and gave us a pretty good food allowence. Those assignments made up for the searats (c-rats) for those ground pounders out there. Just curious, were the c-rats for ground forces in green painted cans. Ours were in navy gray painted cans. No telling how many paint chips I’ve eaten after opening cans of that stuff.


Went to a Class C Instructors School on GI back in the mid-80s… i liked the $0.25 pizza slices at the terminal… ferry to Staten Island used to be $0.05, IIRC

on the Gulf of Mexico


@godallmighty When were you at GI? I was there 1994-96 assigned to the COMLANTAREA (At) staff in building 125. That was when VADM Loy was COMLANTAREA. I lived in the “brick village” and you can even see it in your photo. It was straight across from Tango pier. My son and I fished for striped bass right out our back door. I would walk across the golf course every morning to the office. During the autumn it was literally covered in goose poop and I’d have to walk around it. I was there when we closed GI and moved the staff to Portsmouth VA. In fact I was the last person to leave building 125 and turned the lights out. I miss archery and rim fire target practice in the attic of building 400.


@linux_author Oh yeah, sitting in my car with a slice waiting for the ferry to load up for GI :yum:


@dave67 I’d have to say my best duty station was COMMSTA Kodiak AK. I was young and could climb those mountains chasing Sitka blacktail with the best of them. Hunting, fishing, and shooting are in my blood and Kodiak was like being in heaven to me.