Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country



So that’s where all the crayons for our Coloring Books went…:thinking:


@Wedge oh Scott you are being to literal friend! Of course not. We stole cots, sleeping bags, and other gear off of the MPS ships that was earmarked for the army. A few hmmvs and 105 trailers also mysteriously ended up in our possession as well. :grin:


@johnksg not surprising. The ARMY is naturally better in every way so you have to steal haha




i may or may not know of a raid on the HMS ARK ROYAL, while she was anchored out, seems some British sailors had raided one of our sister sweeps, so in a retaliatory action the Ensign (Flag) and the Admirals Gig was appropriated one dark night. (actually 20 min before colors, but they let em save a lil face) they eventually had to give the GiG back, but the Ensign disappeared forever :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


you know how difficult it is to climb a slimy painted anchor chain in a wetsuit?

Damn skippy I still have it…


@Kona and @Wedge

Well, well, well it seems that I have awoken this morning to find the squids and the doggies making a full frontal assault. So let me fire of a salvo in return my dear comrades.

@GOBLIN hold my beer…

Yes it is true that both the Army and the Navy have enormous and lavish budgets. It is true that they have the latest and greatest in high-tech equipment while the marines make do with ancient hand me downs that we wont even sell to our enemies.

All of this is absolutely true and factual as my dear brother Logan has stated.

I wil also concede that the army and navy are giant, massive organizations while the entire Marine Corps is tiny in comparison.

So Logan and Scott are to be forgiven for their false assertions. For they have overlooked only a single fact.

The United States Marine Corp does not need lavish budgets, we do not need high-tech gadgets, we do not need to be a force of a million strong for we have the one thing the other services lack…FIGHTING MEN!

We are the branch of service that makes our enemies tremble, it is is us whom guard our presidents and ambassadors, it is us whom are the first to fight and will go anywhere on the planet to do so!

So just remember, if we steal and fight and scrap with our friends in the army and the navy, just imagine what we do to people we do not like.

After all we are the branch of service that tried to mount a bayonet on a flamethrower in WW2 because burning a man alive like a roasted pig was not good enough for us. (Stop, let it sink in, mull it over for a moment…)

There is a reason our nations enemies flee in terror from those poor, dirty, raggedy-ass field marines. For they know that not only will we kill them but we will probably f*ck around with their body afterwards just for the hell of it.

The navy and army need all of thier shiny toys.

Drop the mike.


clears throat…it’s mic.


Yeah, because the other services pick up the slack. As for the Navy’s “lavish” budget, remember…we’re your Uber service and ships cost a ton of money to build, man, operate and maintain… Oh, and can’t forget about those pesky, mucho expensive nuclear ballistic missile submarines, either… :+1:


Maybe he meant “dropping the mic” he was holding on a Magic Mike? He’s a Marine after all… :rofl:


I am a Marine, be glad of heart that I am not dropping a Logan! :grin:

And since I honestly do not even know what that is I am going to assume it is some deviant squid behavior that you seamen engage in on those long voyages? :astonished:


Don’t know. I was never a “seaman”. I was a “fireman”/FN when I was prior-enlisted and then an aviator after commissioning. :+1:


And if one of those things gets hijacked just remember it is the CQB cowboys you will call upon to get your expensive toy or base back.

Those Marines are so hard core even we don’t employ them on the battlefield! LOL. (Don’t want too many war crimes.)


Actually, The Navy uses SEALs for clandestine sub ops. :wink:


@Wedge nope, SEALS are DA force. USMC FAST teams are the ones who get your bases and boats back if ever hijacked. :grin:

Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team ( FAST ) platoons are capable of rapidly deploying to immediately improve security at United States Governmentinstallations worldwide. They are capable of special operations, including advanced close quarters battle and in extremis hostage rescue.


That’s because there’s just not enough SEALs. LOL


@Wedge in all seriousness, they are pretty good, even if they have kinda gone “hollywood” in recent years. :grin:

But there are some units that no one has heard of, teams that are an entirely different caliber. (Delta and DEVGRU come to mind.):hushed:

Hint: even in the SEALs there are different levels…“numbers vs rainbows”

But there are only 2 platoons of FAST. Those were the guys who were flown by a Gulfstream Jet that is continuously fueled and ready to fly to secure the USS Cole and also when our embassy in Africa was bombed. Those are the “old guys” of the service who wage war at “bad breath” distance and specialize in hostage situations. :astonished:

But a tip of the hat to anyone who served regardless of the MOS and role…

Even ASW pilots! :grin::+1:


And, ASuW, SAR, CSAR, RECON, logistics, etc. :+1:


@Wedge yup, everyone wears multiple “hats” in their careers. People laugh but in less than 8 years I had 3 different MOS’s! :grin:


That’s why I wish I’d have gone gasp Air Force. Their pilots just fly. In the Navy, the pilots have to run all the squadron bullcrap like OPS, ADMIN, etc. In the Air Force, they have non-flying career officers to do that junk.


MY GOD MAN have some self respect! Everyone knows, that besides Marine Aviators, Naval Pilots are the best in the world! (Runways are for wimps.) :grin:

…did I just defend the navy? :astonished: