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Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country


Lets shift all our military stories over to here so we can keep on topic in the guns area.

Recommendation For .22 Pistol

@godallmighty big :+1: up brother! Sorry that I have been the worse culprit of this…


So…favorite weapons, chow halls, or best hospitals? Your call my veteran brothers!


Home sweet home for a couple of years. :scream:


Great idea! I’ll go first by asking what was your favorite military vehicle? Mine was the “deuce and a half”. I saw most of Germany from the front seat of one. I could go places in that truck that even tanks and tracked APCs had problems with. Mud, snow & ice, deep water, didn’t slow me down. The driver’s seat was a dry place to sleep when everyone else was sleeping in the mud or snow. I loved that truck so much that they even awarded me a driver’s “bolo badge” when I left that unit because I never had an accident and passed every annual IG inspection.


@godallmighty OMG and I thought the old WW2 open squad bay barracks at camp hansen where bad!


@VAbowhunter I absolutely loved the 6x6 M928s…had a hazmat and explosive operator’s license and would take one of those with a ring mount .50 every day and anywhere!


This was considered luxury accommodations


@VAbowhunter I have been trying to talk the wife into letting me buy one of the surpluss ones…but she is unreasonably logical and keeps asking me "where would we park it? "


@godallmighty I am laughing at the long johns…I was a fleet marine, served in tje pacific and the “sandbox” our problems were soggy potato chips!


I had ring mount for a .50 on my truck too. We would go on alert and have to gear up and move up to the border. The armory was in the basement of our barracks and I’d have to hump the .50 an two barrels plus my M-16 up to the track park/motor pool where my truck was parked. Then it was off to the ammo dump to load the back of my truck with LAWs for the grunts.


@Johnksg The silver things in the middle were old 55gal oil barrels converted into heaters.There was a hand pump on the diesel can that you pumped to add fuel to the fire. We would pump so much diesel into them that it would get almost to the melting point and I swear you could see the flame through the sides.


@Johnksg It would make the perfect bug-out vehicle…


@VAbowhunter I told her I would park in the street…who who would tow a 6x6 with a 26’ dropside bed, and the air brakes set?

Cost less than our latest Polaris UTV!


Sorry for the quality of the pic…

When we first got to saudi we drew MK19s instead of our standard t&e M2s off the preposition ships.

They were kind cool at first, a new toy, but did not serve us well in the desert!


Here’s Camp Rustamiyah front gate after an VBIED unsuccessfully attacked it.

There was a gigantic Olympic size pool off base near Baghdad we got to swim at a few times. It had 2 massive diving boards. I was too chicken to try the higher one haha!


@Kona you had a pool?! They just ran us into the surf (nekkid or skivvies) outside of al jubail.

Army has all the bennies!


cough Air Force cough


@Kona you got me on that one! I loved those white box lunches they gave us on the C141s! I mean come on…oreos!


Funny story…one of the engineers hooked us up with large “beach master” speakers. We attached them to our hmmv and being a reccon team blasted AC/DC and NWA across the desert during the liberation…stealthy we were not, but we were cool!