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Midwest Industries Optical Mount


Ok, was bored and decided to tackle this problem with a little more than Locktite. I think it is possible that my RDS is a little to big for this mount and the polymer stock, so I wanted something more secure for mounting.

Here is what I came up with. Nothing elegant, just a few parts from Ace Hardware and a little time with a Dremel and a Bench Grinder. Total cost about $2. If it doesn’t hold zero after this, it’s going back to MWI.

First, bought longer screws for the MWI Optic Mount, 10-24 3/8 inch button head hex, 2 lock nuts that fit them, and 2 thick washers (forgot the size, I took one that fit the slot with me to check it). The washers and nuts are already modified in this picture.

Next I cut the washers with the Dremel to fit over the M Lok nuts hopefully locking them in place. I then used the bench grinder and ground them down to match the thickness of the M Lok nuts, and ground down the lock nuts to clear the barrel inside the fore stock. I also flattened the washers on the sides that touch and the rearward one for clearance. I wanted them to be pressed in, but not damage the polymer too much.

Next I test fit everything dry and checked the barrel for clearance.

Then out came the locktite, or Permatex Blue in this case.

Reassembled carbine, ready for some range time and attempt to zero that RDS again. I know you can see some gaps around the M Lok nuts, but I can assure you, that thing does not flex at all.


Update on the MWI mount. I have over 2000 rounds with the mount after doing the last modified mounting. It is still rock solid and the red dot that Kona recommended it spot on. I can’t believe how much more fun this firearm can get, but it continues to surprise me. IMG_20181006_103949510%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_104351265%20(640x480)


Update: Finally had a chance to get back to the range. Happy to report that the mount held solid through 200 rounds of range ammo. Got the RDS zeroed in within 10 shots and it held zero after that. I rotated the RDS repeatedly, bumped it, hit it, set it down on the bench hard, folded the weapon a few times, and still held zero. Overall, I would say that I am pleased with the results.