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Midwest Industries Optical Mount


Well it did it again the mount with my red dot fell off the foregrip I am done with mwi mount. Just going to have to wait for the MCARBO mount

Looking For This Part

Ughhhh. Dont tell me this. I just bought one in with high hopes that MAYBE it’ll work. Did you locktite the screws to prevent them from rotating?


If I remember I will take a photo of the forearm you can see where it has worn a spot where the mount was. Yes I tried the blue loctite and the red neither one helped. The material that the forearm is made of is to soft to keep the mount secure. Now I am waiting for the MCARBO optic mount.


Ever think about switching to a new handguard? Im sure that will be the pricier route but I guess its an option if it came down to it


did you try a different M-Lok backing? maybe one from M-Lok instead of what’s provided by MWI?


M-loc backing??? Tell me more 'cause that’s a new concept for me.

I know performance services makes stabilizers that tie the forend to the barrel to … well, stabilize it … but it is still plastic.


well, I don’t know what kind of nut comes with the MWI but I have not had any issue with my M-Lok rail section with my sight and flashlight mounted on it, I actually bought a MOE rail section for like $6 at academy and just ordered the screws and M-Lok locking nuts from magpul, works great without any issues with the rail, I have my sightmark attached to it along with a flashlight on the side of the sightmark so I can’t imagine it would be much lighter than having the MWI sight mount and sight.


Ohhh … dem nutz.

@Omnivious, I’d bet the rail section added a degree of stability in your setup.


I am stubborn, I am trying the MWI mount one more time. I took the forearm apart and mounted the MWI and then used blue Loctite to hopefully keep it in place. Had to cut an notch for the MWI mount to sit level when folded up.IMG_20181006_103619034%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_103631892%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_103949510%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_104351265%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_150423327%20(640x480)


I was thinking of making a plate the would fit in the recessed area to give the screws more support and prevent it from sliding or coming loose. Plate would be the red piece, mloc nuts would be tossed or kept depending on room.


KM55, your use of the blue Locktite looks unique. Excessive? I applied blue Locktite to only the threads on the screws, followed by moderate tightening of the mlok screws/nuts. Since I applied the Locktite in this manner (about 9 months and 600 rounds ago), my Midwest Industries optical mount has held steady, as has zero. Though I didn’t measure my torque of the nuts, I tried to make sure the mlok screws were “snug tight”, but not so tight as to overstress the poly Sub2k Gen 2 forend. My experience before Locktight was pitiful… the screws backed out almost instantaneously (one mag dump or so). Good luck.


After having it fall off the gun three times I decided to go heavy. So far it has held up.


if it breaks loose again, with the blue, after fastfire, you might wanna try 271 red LocTite, and in a extreme situation, the Green Loctite sleeve retainer. BUT with the green, heat wont loosen it. to get it off, you would have to cut it out…


Over 500 rounds and it still holding fast. I just need to find a optic that works in the daylight. mine fades away so it’s useless outside.


Now over 1500 rounds and the mount is holding true and with the new red dot optic I am really enjoying shooting the sub2000.


OK, I think I’m sold on MWI mount.

Just need to find one in Canada now! :joy:


Went to the range yesterday for the first time with my new MI Optic mount and my UTG 38 mm Red/Green dot to zero it in. Have to say my first experience was very disapointing and
similar to the problems you had with yours @KM55

Would not hold zero, had no problems getting windage spot on, but would not hold elevation setting at all. The more I adjusted, the worse it got. Finally realized the back screw of the MLok mount had come slightly loose and the optic started bouncing around from the recoil. Very frustrating when I finally realized what had happened. And yes, I used blue locktite when it was installed. Now I’m going to disassemble the weapon and use your loctite method. Hope to have the same results. If not, guess it will be time to fab up a better solution for the mount inside the grip.


Update: As you can tell from the pics below, that mount was torqued down pretty good as it damaged my left side polymer stock. Now I’m wondering if my optic is too heavy. UTG lists the weight of this RDS as 9.4 oz. Any thoughts?


The m-loc slots cut into plastic are not your picture of durability. If you want to fight them into service for an optic, I suggest machining a backing plate that you drill/tap for the mounting screws. Spreading to load will help, but I agree that you want the smallest weight possible since you are posting it on top of a flag pole mount.


LoL, how true indeed. The good news is that I know the MI mount can hold zero if I can get the recoil induced fore and aft movement resolved. It had no problems holding windage once it was dialed in. But, oh man, that elevation was moving clear off the 5 Bull range target at 25 yards. I was like, am I in the Twilight Zone here? Had to bring the target in to 3 yards to finally get an idea what was going on. I felt like such a dunce!