Midwest Industries Optic Mount

I ordered one on a whim. I wondered if I would like it better than the MCarbo. The answer is a definitive no. The MCarbo mount is superior.

The Midwest mount itself is decent quality. The major difference in design from the MCarbo mount is that the MCarbo flips and the Midwest mount twists. Both work fine. The dealbreaker for me is the fact that in order to fold the Sub2000 and protect your expensive optic, with the Midwest mount you have to use a loop of paracord (which they provide) to hold the bolt to keep the charging handle from hitting the glass on your optic. That’s a major WTF for me. Bush league … and surprising for Midwest Industries because they don’t have a rep for making shoddy gear. It would not have been rocket science to design around that bolt handle constraint. I sent it back.

So… MCarbo 1 - Midwest Industries 0


To get away from having to use the tether to hold the bolt open, I moved the mount forward one m-lok slot so the rifle will still fold with the bolt closed. RDS zero’s just fine and holds zero as long as the Midwest mount m-lok screws stay tight (hint-blue Loctite). MCarbo mount is excellent also but I don’t like the bulkiness when folded with RDS protruding on the side. Still thinking about and investigating the Red Lion Precision rotating forend as another possibility


I dont like how high it is and the possibility of it working loose in the polymer Mlok grooves. I agree the Mcarbo is superior! The Red Lion system looks very nice as well!


I considered that (moving it to the third slot). But after trying it decided that it put the optic too far away. I didn’t want to make that compromise. I was sort of OK with the height of the Midwest bracket… but it is really tall. To me it looks awkward - like it doesn’t belong on that gun.

I had a Red Lion fore grip on a Gen 1 that I recently traded in. I kept it. It’s excellent. I’ve debated putting it on a Gen 2. The Gen 1 and gen 2 version of the RLP foregrip aren’t that much different. They have different endcaps and the breech end of the Gen 1 RLP foregrip may or may not fit a Gen 2. I haven’t tried it yet.

Red Lion Precision makes high quality parts. They also answer questions thoroughly and promptly. I was completely satisfied with my RLP S2K Gen 1 foregrip. My second Gen 1-Gen 2 trade-in with KelTec should be arriving in the next couple of days. I may attempt to fit the RLP fore grip on that. Worst case scenario is I have to buy an end cap and the Gen 2 fitting for the other end. The tube is the same. Cheaper than having to toss it or the hassle of selling it.

Today, I ordered the MCarbo mount and the rear sight upgrade for the Gen 2 .40 I’m currently working on.


Update: Another prop for MCarbo. I ordered early this am and they just sent me a ship notice. Same day shipping = awesome.


I ordered and tried both. Easy choice… returned the MI mount.


I concur with all points made. The Midwest bracket mount is ugly when deployed and I don’t like the height and distance either. But it does work, albeit with those grievances. Kudos always to Chris and his MCarbo team on their products, videos, customer service and veteran support. They are top notch and first class all the way and I have purchased and continue to use many of their products. But that being said, I’m leaning towards trying the RLP forend as the best, or at least more elegant, or aesthetic compromise (and hopefully functional) of the three choices available. Still looking, learning and listening to the more experienced and learned minds on this forum.


Agree. That’s why you need more than one Sub 2000 :slight_smile:


I thought about both products, and opted to go my own route. I went with an offset mount for a Burris FF3. I’m certainly not the first to do this, but I was careful to pick quality parts (not some cheap airsoft junk on Amazon), and make sure the design actually met my personal requirements. It had to allow just enough clearance to fold the S2K, while still offering a slim profile when folded. There was a little trial and error before I found the perfect match.

I think the MCARBO design is still the best overall, and I can appreciate the price tag it carries as a result.


I have Mcarbo mount with Sig Romeo 5.Works great especially with shake awake.