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Micro Drill or Micro Chuck?

I need to drill a front sight pin hole to install a roll pin in a new Dawson fiber optic front sight on my Smith and Wesson 617-6. Since I’m only drilling one hole what’s the best and most economical option? I have all the parts needed to do the job…but no way to chuck a bit this small…without breaking it.

I can purchase a micro drill with variable speed for about $30 online and maybe a micro chuck for around $10.

The drill bit is a #54 .055” or 1.4 mm.

Don’t want to take it to a gunsmith for so small of a job.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Here’s what looks to be appropriate for the job. (200-1,200 rpm):


You have any neighbors that have a drill press? Ask around to see if there is a trade school in your area and go talk to an instructor, they may let you use their drill press if you have the bit.



Most standard “Jacobs” chucks will hold that size bit. I would definitely want it in a drill press. If you try to do it by hand will will either drill it crooked or break the bit.


I second the drill press option. That size bit would be so easy to break. Just let the the bit do it’s job and take your time with it.


Relax guys…thanks for the advice. My drill press went over the mountain in a storm before I could build my shop many years ago…gone!

So with a drill press vice and my Makita cordless drill I slowly drilled from both sides. No problems and no broken bits.
I used Rock Set glue in the joint and roll pin…just in case. The old crappy sight from S W came out easy…looked like they just used the roll pin and no glue.

Now while the glue sets I think I’m going to polish my baby for the first time. Looking forward to seeing the target nice and clear.

Cheers! :tumbler_glass: