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Have any members checked USERS and scrolled down to check brotherhood activity? I was surprised to find what seemed to be nearly 70% INACTIVE DUTY. Why co-exist with one’s community and not be a pro-active participant? How does one build a TEAM without any players? @ChrisNelson


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It’s always a work in progress. Participation is up and down throughout the year. Do you have any ideas on how to level it out?


I have noticed many companies offering an additional 10% discount for LIKING the company on FB. If M*Carbo is liked/forum link can add members. Does my wording sound logical?

@lonewolf discounts bring people to the forum but the key to keeping people engaged is giving them quality content to come look at and read and participate. Engaging topics, contests, new MCARBO products, etc. are the driving forces behind this forum. Right now the big product in the pipeline is the hinged optic mount for the Sub-2000. There’s only so many times a member can ask @ChrisNelson when it’s done or for an update. His products are going to draw the most engagement so when there’s downtime from him we as members need to step up and provide alternate content. When the optic mount reaches the testing and evaluation phase you will see participation here increase exponentially.


Then we should not only post our new topics in the forum, but also social media as well? @ChrisNelson

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Believe it or not, some people actually use the internet very little. Plenty of people sign up on forums for whatever “drive-by” reason like getting a question answered or researching something never to return.

I’ve signed up on dozens of forums over the years and I haven’t been to some of them in a long, long tiime because I’ve lost interest in the subject matter, simply forgot about it, etc.


@lonewolf and @Kona this is the issue with any forum devoted primary to a single topic…it simply gets a bit stale.

You just run out of new material and it gets to be a handful of regulars visiting with each other.

Just a suggestion…create additional “folders” for similar topics/threads, and then let the members rage further “afield” create topics about field craft, water treatment, share pie recipes…etc.

Of course it will then no longer be a forum centered around MCARBO.

And @Wedge is right…there are always those just “passing by.”


I’d say the S2K overall was the biggest factor with putting this place on the map. In the past, it’s been the single most discussed firearm here by far. It’s what brought me here after the Facebook forums when I first got my Gen 2. Seems like S2K fever overall is falling off the older and older it gets. Pretty much everyone who wants one has one and, quite possibly, has gotten it to their liking so they have no real need to keep talking about it, i.e. participating. Just a guess on my part, but I can easily see that happening.


@wedge agreed I wouldn’t have came across this forum or my new found friends/range buddies if not for the Sub2K. I never would have thought that possible in the beginning. Just from how big it has gotten since I joined tells me this thing will keep on snowballing. I love this Forum


Case in point… When’s the last time we’ve seen a question asking about the S2K barrel recall? That was YUUUUGE for the longest time and, now, it’s fallen off the radar. I haven’t seen a single thing from anyone regarding the recall in a long time and that includes the Facebook pages. I’d say a lot of the missing participation is because there’s really no more questions to be asked. They’ve all pretty much been answered and people are reading/lurking instead of actively posting/participating when they research the S2K.


@ChrisNelson I don’t really believe there’s a whole lot to be done here. @Kona has done a nice job putting together the giveaways and Lord knows we all appreciate the generous donors for putting up the hardware. Maybe if there was a monthly giveaway, doesn’t have to be expensive items but I could see that keeping participation up. I can say without hesitation I have no complaints about the forum as a whole


I find that ‘unlikely’ with this group! lmao I have not been able to sleep and dont usually sign out. I have experience a lot of activity with this group… still laughing


@Wedge I agree as well. I found this sight after purchasing my S2K wanting to see what “upgrades” were made for it. In the beginning with just a few hundred forum users looking for the same thing it was new and exciting but now I have every S2K “upgrade” I want or need and have installed other MCARBO “upgrades” on other firearms. It seems like “regular” forum users are now just trying to come up with new topics to keep it interesting which THANKS TO THEM keeps the forum going.


Your right, after some time. It seems most of this group lives, breathes, and regurgitates firearms well. You don’t have to rain on my parade, though! lmao


That’s exactly why the biggies like Glocktalk, ARFCOM, etc have political, religious, car, tech, food, music, etc sub-forums.


@Wedge well I’m still in love with the sub. The honeymoons not over for me haha. I plan to get a tan or navy or both sub and build them up for me and wife and will post all about it lol.


I agree with @Wedge on this one. I came simply out of curiosity, stayed because I had questions about aftermarket parts and S2K set-ups that @Matt and @Kona and others could answer. (Better than a faceless review that may or may not be fake!)

@Flogrown I kinda hate to see a young company feel like they have to give away stuff…I really don’t need any freebies! A good product, fast shipping, and quality customer service is all I ask!

(Well that and MORE LIKES that is my only gripe and aggravation to see that banner telling me I have run out of likes for the next 14 hours!!!)


I have looked at other big groups with sub groups… That usually becomes a political debate. If there is a discount involved, it usually works provided the company doesnt run out of product… I guess @ChrisNelson better get busy with new product??? lmao

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@Kona Thanks Logan that is refreshing to hear because I love looking at pictures of guns and gun projects on this forum…we need more pictures.