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Mexico Sues American Gun Manufacturers

This is only for your enlightenment. :innocent:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government sued United States gun manufacturers and distributors Wednesday in U.S. federal court, arguing that their negligent and illegal commercial practices have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico. The unusual lawsuit was filed in U.S. federal court in Boston.

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Does this mean we can sue Mexico for all the overdose deaths here?


Throwing this comment out there…

So why the most resent increase/demand for firearms?
Are there no firearm and ammunition manufactures in Mexico.


Was the article by chance from The Onion or the Babylon Bee?. Or perhaps mini-mike bloomberg gave the Mexican government the idea?

Hey Mexico… No poke snek! :snake:


My eldest son died 6 years ago from drugs directly traced back to a Mexican cartel. Screw “suing” the bastards. Give a few choice friends of mine and myself permission to cross into lawless and corrupt Mexico… we all already have dealt with evil scum like this in our past. And we already possess our own tools and are highly trained and motivated… no cost to the U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. government is doing zero about this tragedy… and everyday someone’s daughter or son dies. We are under attack from a foreign enemy. I say… “Let’s roll”.


Can we sue Mexico for allowing the invaders at our southern border from everywhere on earth that are allowed to pass through their entire country to get there? Hey Mexico, Golf Foxtrot Yankee.


No, a bunch of places.
DUHH, think we can find the influence of the current administration. :wink:

Here is a lovely one :japanese_ogre:
By Natalie Kitroeff and Oscar Lopez

Published Aug. 4, 2021Updated Aug. 5, 2021, 1:18 a.m. ET

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MEXICO CITY — For years, Mexican officials have complained that lax U.S. gun control was responsible for devastating bloodshed in Mexico. On Wednesday, they moved their campaign into American courts, filing a lawsuit against 10 gun companies.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Massachusetts, was the first time that a national government has sued gun makers in the United States, officials said. The suit accuses the companies of actively facilitating the flow of weapons to powerful drug cartels, and fueling a traffic in which 70 percent of guns traced in Mexico are found to have come from the United States.

“For decades, the government and its citizens have been victimized by a deadly flood of military-style and other particularly lethal guns that flows from the U.S. across the border,” the lawsuit reads. The flood of weaponry is “the foreseeable result of the defendants’ deliberate actions and business practices.”

The government cited as an example three guns made by Colt that appear to directly target a Mexican audience, with Spanish nicknames and themes that resonate in Mexico. One of them, a special edition .38 pistol, is engraved with the face of the Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata and a quote that has been attributed to him: “It is better to die standing than to live on your knees.”


Maybe the Mexican government should grow a pair, get rid of the corrupt military commanders and send the Mexican army in to wipe out the cartels. Take ownership of YOUR problem and fix it. Start by stopping the invasion of our borders from your country.


Odd, no mention of the jug-eared halfrican’s failed ‘fast and frivolous’ half-assed gun running operation ran by the Phoenix DA, ATF and DEA that resulted in far more deaths of Mexican citizens (and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry) than arrests of drug cartel members…


I wonder how many of those 70% claimed to be supplied by manufactures, are actually legal guns, stolen in the US, and then smuggled across the border.


90+ percent (20 characters)


Sue em back for all the radioactive waste from exported rebar and other goods sent to US.:rage::boom::boom::boom:


Interesting, a creative method of disposing of radioactive waste.

How radioactive, on the scale of 1-5.


Almost like Castro when he emptied his prisons & insane asylum’s then sent them to Florida from Cuba. Good way to reduce your country’s budget & problems. Sound familiar to you.


I was living in the Keys when that happened. It was utter insanity. Border patrol closed the only road in and out basically holding the residents captive. If you wanted to go to the mainland it was worse than a foreign country border crossing and usually took hours. I got boarded by the marine patrol while I was fishing. They “strip searched” my boat and left me to put everything back together. I was far beyond POd.


I was in Key West…lots of my friends with boats were hired to bring back relatives for $3,000/head. I chickened out.

Life jackets were sold out in the entire state of Florida.

My friends were forced to take back some “extra” people without pay, and overloaded their boats.
Most boats came back very damaged.

Boats couldn’t leave Cuba until they were stuffed…so they were there for a few scary days.

The boat yards in Key West were overflowing with impounded boats, and being pilfered every night.

Interesting time that was.:sunglasses:


In 84 I was running charters all the time. I found a derelict boat with 20 refuges on board about 25 miles south of Islamorada. I called the Coast Guard. I gave them our position and they sent a patrol boat from the Tavernier station to pick them up. I had to stand by until they showed up. They took the refugees onboard and then sank the boat they were on. I’m sure if someone had not found them they would have died. The Gulf Stream was taking them in the wrong direction and the “boat” they were on would not have survived the storms that brew offshore every day in the summer. I don’t know what happened to them but in those days if they didn’t get to land before being found they were sent back to Cuba.


I helped caretake part time for the coolest island in the keys…back in the 70’s….guess which one that would be? :face_with_monocle:


If it helps make you feel important I’ll ask… Which island?


Clam Down!..:sunglasses: let the man reminisce and tell us what he thinks please! :grin:

But you can guess too…:slightly_smiling_face: