M*CARBO Brotherhood

Memorial Weekend Sale

So…I got the Buttpad and another T-shirt with the 20% off. The only thing left would be the swivel mount. For the Sub anyway. Any one else grabbing anything good?


orderd this am, stanless stell locking pins, buttstocks, qd single point sling, bolt tube cover, muzzle brake, 9mm,.
Might order a few other things this weekend. Have 2 s2ks both 9mm, one glock version, one multi-mag/bretta 92.


I did got my trigger spring kit for my marlin model 60, and a new ejector spring see if it helps with my stove pipe issue, if that doesn’t will have to look into a extractor set.

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Seems my T-shirt was discontinued. As Homer Simpson would say…DOH! Since I have the others, maybe the swivel mount is coming now…


Sigh, they got me, too!! :slight_smile:

Buttstock - I’ll try it and compare to the recoil pad we have currently-installed.
Muzzle Brake - Hopefully, it cuts recoil some more.
Trigger Bar - have been wanting this for a while, but didn’t want to disassemble the weapon before having to pull the screws again to add the optic mount. Now that the mount is on order why not order it, too?

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas