"Member Videos" thread

Do you have personal video you would like to share?

Shooting your rare guns, casting bullets and reloading, results of ongoing experimentation and data, or other personal video you would like to present? Let’s see it here.

In the future @188rick and I will be presenting more in-depth and full range editions of this gun and others, including gun histories, the bullet casting and round reloading process, followed by shooting that will include chronographic data, accuracy results and more.
Please be patient, as this won’t even begin to take shape until weather and desert conditions improve, necessary resources are acquired, time is appropriated etc.

In the meantime, I’ll get us started with a little teaser from Ricks back patio.
Here are a couple preliminary clips of @188rick and I shooting some various test reloads in his 1885 Winchester 35-72 Highwall, which hasn’t been shot in as many as possibly 100 years.

EDIT: It is an 1885 Winchester 35-72 Highwall, and not what was previously stated.
I was reading some other Winchester data at the same time as composing this post and inadvertently typed the model info incorrectly.
It has now been corrected. (Thanks Rick for catching my blunder :+1:)

1885 Winchester 38-72 Highwall


Great idea for a thread! :+1:

I would, but when I took the gag out she told me it would cost more.


If this link doesn’t work or has problems, please let me know. It was giving me a fit setting it up.


Hahaha…I know. “Additional conditions and fees may apply.”


Works great… three videos available. :+1:


Lightning a few years ago.

My cat snoring.

I shat my pants with this close call. Where my a-pillar is and him being in the shadows made this dude invisible.

Another years ago. I was in the right place at the right time. The plane was about 20 feet above me.


This was a long time ago. I’m on the blue bike, an old friend is on the black bike. The editing sucks lol. The first run we had to lift due to a car. The 2nd pass is money


@Savage636 This is why at age 8 I decided to just drive vehicles with four wheels…



@CatFood …crazee vids, bro!:sunglasses:

Incident @ Barber Motorsports Park track day several years ago. Oil line on an Italian bike came loose and doused the exhaust and eventually the rear tire.
First vid is from my buddy’s cam:

My pal said riding through that cloud was scary.:flushed:
Second clip is from mine:

I had seen the smoke a second or so earlier (@:27 mark), but when the guy right in front of me fell, I was thinking I’m next.:grimacing:



@Slowest I’m jealous, I always wanted to take my bike on the track, but between money and now being older and having a family, that boat has sailed. Barber is an amazing track with all of the elevation changes. I used to go to the AMA races at Road America and they did parade laps behind the Corvette pace car. If you hung back you could rip, but just not the same as doing a track day lol. And speaking of Barber, did you ever see Jamie Hacking’s sick save there?


This is the Jamie Hacking save for anyone interested

And for those wondering what they were referring to in the 2007 race, here’s the video


That’s for sure…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hadn’t seen that, thanks.

Talking about track days, lots of times the AMA racers would show up for impromptu testing or practice.

Here’s a grab from the video of a session where :rocket:Jason DiSalvo screams by me on the inside…it was over and done before I could think about it.

See @4:50 mark for the quickness.



@Slowest I could watch videos like that all day lol. Do you have a quick shift kit, or are you power shifting? My old friend on the black bike in the video I posted a few days ago had a shift kit. It was fun as hell to be able to shift without cracking the throttle


My 750 has a Bazzaz quick shifter, traction control and a long list of other go fast goodies.