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Measles Outbreak and Government Takes

More than three dozen cases of measles in four states have now been linked to the outbreak that started spreading at Disney theme parks in Southern California over the holidays.

Measles Outbreak and Government Takes no acton to indict children responsible

The highly contagious respiratory illness was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, but health officials have seen a surge of measles infections in the country in recent years. California had its worst outbreak in decades in 2014, and many cases were linked to families who opted out of having their children vaccinated.

We need tougher measles control and we need it now.

“People who believe that measles is no longer a threat, well I think this outbreak and the outbreak from last year are perfect examples that measles can still circulate in California,” Dr. Helene Calvet, Orange County deputy health officer, told CBS News.

Q: How many people have been sickened with measles in connection with the Disney outbreak?

A: Health officials have identified 39 people in four states who have contracted measles. That total includes 13 more cases reported in California since the beginning of this week. The vast majority of infections – 35 – are in California. Utah recorded two cases, while Colorado and Washington state each had one case. Most fell ill after visiting Disneyland or Disney California Adventure in December, while some were exposed to people who traveled to the theme parks. The incubation period for people exposed at Disney parks ended last week, and health officials are on the lookout for secondary infections.

Check your MMR records If you were not born in the US you might not have the proper vaccines.

If you have a compromised immune system you probably can’t get the vaccine and your’re screwed!


By now we’ve all heard of the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland. Or more accurately, originated from an unvaccinated person that infected other similarly minded vacationers. I won’t get into a debate about the whole anti-vaccine movement, the thimerisol controversy (no longer even used in childhood vaccines), or the myth that MMR causes autism (there are changes in autistic brain chemistry prior to birth).

Let’s talk measles for just a minute. It once was widespread in the US. It is now considered ‘eliminated’ in the US (not continually circulating in the population – only contracted through travel out of country). Measles is highly contagious (>90% infectious) and can survive airborne in a room and infect someone two hours later . Another fun fact is that measles is transmittable before it can be diagnosed – four days before the characteristic rash appears. “Measles itself is unpleasant, but the complications are dangerous. Six to 20 percent of the people who get the disease will get an ear infection, diarrhea, or even pneumonia. One out of 1000 people with measles will develop inflammation of the brain, and about one out of 1000 will die.” That sounds fun!

Unvaccinated Child


This is old news but it is relevant.
If you have a compromised immune system for many different you might be screwed!


Years ago when I used to go out of the country quite a bit often on and off for about for five years I stayed a nervous wreck because Id hit some of them small Third World countries and not knowing what they had going around


This will turn political real quick.

Im gonna say this and leave it at this. I will not ever get a vaccine! I know several people and 1 includes a relative with vaccine related injuries.
For those that are on the fence, do your own diligence and ask yourself 2 questions. 1) Why are Pharmaceutical companies immune from litigation for related injuries and 2) Why is there a vaccination court that pays out via Taxpayer funded, government money.
Im not saying all vaccines are bad, but please do your own research on each and every one before getting them or having your child receive one.

Also some will deny that Autism is not related to vaccines and i call bs on that. Once again do research and find that autism rates have skyrocketed and are going to continue to rise directly related to the vaccine schedule(multiple vaccines per vist) for children.

Before vaccines, measels, mumps, polio, chicken pox, etc were on the decline and almost eradicated prior to vaccines coming on the scene. The rate of these diseases has increased thru the years since the decline and implementation of a vaccine schedule. The decline of these diseases correlates with the increase of better living conditions, hygiene practices and basically running water in every home, while the increase in recent years can be attributed to the increase vaccine schedule.

Also look at the facts when there is an outbreak of measels, mumps, etc that in nearly every instance over 50% were up to date on their vaccinations. Ask yourself why, if you’re vaccinated, do you still get the disease. Most outbreaks are not actually related to the unvaccinated spreading the disease but to illegal immigrants or a recently vaccinated person sheding the disease from the vaccination itself.

Im not gonna post links to my info as i believe everyone should do there own research and interpret it how they see fit, but media manipulation as well as Big Pharma being 1000% protected by .Gov, doesn’t help the average person see the correlation.

Do what you see fit for you and yours, but if you dont trust the Gov with your guns and those statistics, why would you trust the Gov, media, and Big Pharms2 to tell you the truth too?

End Rant


@cico7 , your not only talkin about usa here you get families from all over the world so no one should be able to even board a plane unless there vaccinated against such things


Sensational news. When Chris first started MCARBO, he wanted strictly gun talk only. We’ve relaxed the rules since then but some people come to MCARBO for a break from all the madness and headlines.