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MCK For Your Pistol

Here’s a little gizmo that might appeal to some of you.



Another great informative vid! Thanks again @hrfunk

I’ve been looking at these for a while and also thought they were kind of a gimmick, but you pretty well cleared that up.

Does anyone know how friendly they are to lefties?


I am not sure if they make a brass deflector. That would be the only issue I could see for a left-handed shooter. Otherwise the MCK itself is pretty ambidextrous.




I bought a CAA MCK for my Glock 17 last year. It was fun for about 40 rounds. Then the plastic charging handle stripped. CAA claimed it was an older handle and sent me a new one. That one stripped out quickly as well. I have MAJOR issues with CAA…

  • They have now ghosted me and will not return any messages regarding refunds, warranty, or a fix.

  • My firearm got stuck in the frame twice where I had to use tools to get it out. One of those times there was a chambered round. VERY dangerous!

  • Your firearm needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each and every use. The powder is trapped by the frame and is really nasty to remove all the stains and residue.

I have responded to several other threads here about this “toy”. It may work for some folks… but if you don’t want to take my word for it look up some reviews (Eg. Optics Planet) and see the complaints about both the defective charging handle and the terrible (lack of) customer service from CAA. I bought this for a home defense option… the last thing I would do is trust my life with it. It is back in the box where it belongs.

I now have a lawsuit pending with CAA.

A few past posts here on the forum…

My Glock was completely jammed after the serrations failed…

@hrfunk Howard… I admire you and your opinion as always my friend. I just want to put out my honest review as well.


No problem. Thanks for that additional info!



@TexasEskimo I saw these at a local gun show and thought I’d wait a while before buying. Your post made up my mind. Thanks.


@Don68 Don I have said from the beginning of my issue…

  1. I wish it would have worked out. Really awesome idea. Really cool product.

  2. CAA refuses to address this known issue and will not get back to me. Like I said… go to Optics Planet (or other distributors) and see the reviews (you will see mine as well). This was not a freak one-off… this is common. So I have no option other than the legal system.
    Also… there are owners that have had ZERO issues and LOVE the MCK. Good for them… but the rest of us say “why take the chance”?


@TexasEskimo My concern was how long would the plastic charging handle last on a steel slide that has a spring heavier than a S&W “Easy” series.


@Don68 Exactly Don. And I can honestly see why CAA went with plastic… because of the violent action/reaction of each shot a metal charging handle would damage the finish on the serrations of a firearm. But… in the battle of plastic versus metal… the metal will eventually be the winner. That’s what happened in my case at least.