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MCARBO trigger kit for Ruger LCP Max

Does anyone know if the current MCARBO trigger upgrade kit for the Ruger LCP/II will work in the new LCP Max version? Thanks!



I don’t know, but I’d love to try it. I put it in the Max 9 and love it.

I had the lcp 2, and when the lcp max came out that have 10+1/12+1 magazines, I bought one because of the higher rounds, the sights on the slide, and the recoil reducing cam. I have yet to shoot it so don’t know yet what the trigger feels like when firing. If the trigger functions like they say in the video, Ruger® LCP® MAX Centerfire Pistol Models
I’d probably wait to see Chris Nelson get the lcp max, fire it as is, then change the springs and get his opinion after doing this upgrade on the lcp max. I don’t know if the recoil reducing cam plays a factor on the trigger pull or if Ruger changed the trigger on this particular firearm.

Yeah, I need to get my Max sorted out first. It’s dropping mags during live fire. I bought two extra factory 10rd mags and all three do it. I called Ruger and they’re sending me a replacement mag catch and catch spring. If that doesn’t fix it, the whole thing will have to go in.

The same thing happened to my new lcp 2. Failures to feed, mags dropping out, and failures to eject. I sent the whole firearm back and they replaced the slide, plus replaced most of the lower with a stronger mag release spring, (new gun with same serial #). Worked flawlessly after I got it back…until I sold it to get the max, which I have yet to even fire. Hoping the problems I had with the lcp 2 will not happen with the lcp max.

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Yeah, I hope those parts fix mine because, other than that, it’s been 100% reliable. The only time it isn’t is when I get a “click” instead of a “bang” because the mag dropped and the slide didn’t pick up another round off the top. As a shooter, it’s pretty good. It doesn’t beat up my hand at all like my LCP II did.