MCARBO Trigger for Shadow 2 Orange?

I have both the CZ shadow 2 (Urban “grey”) and the Shadow 2 Orange. I installed the trigger kit from this site on both of them. The trigger spring is a bit long, and binds up a bit on both of them. Aside from this, is it really necessary to install a kit on the Shadow 2 Orange? I think it has an upgraded trigger out of the box. Speaking of the box…it came with a bunch of bags of various springs (no trigger return springs or sear springs though) and none are labeled. Without a trigger pull meter, not sure what to do.


Is there anything in the owner’s manual about the springs? Me personally, if I was looking for trigger work on my Shadow 2 (black with blue grips), I’d send it off to Cajun Gun Works.

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… Or you could order the CGW pro kit and polish/ install yourself. It is a very easy install on the S2.

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