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Figure it would be interesting, to see what people are working with as far as gunsmithing tools.

Here’s mine, I’m primarily an AR/Glock builder. Mostly stuff for me, but I do some paid work. This dedicated gunsmithing toolbox (was my grandfather’s work toolbox when he worked at Sikorsky Helicopters) is in addition to the more general purpose/auto mechanic boxes out in the garage.

Top is currently mostly allen/torx keys and pliers at the moment. At some point I want to move most of the pliers down a few drawers and move some more commonly used stuff up.

Drawer 1 currently is mainly barrel nut tools. I need to move all the barrel shims down to one of the ammo cans of small parts to free up some space.

Drawer 2 most important stuff here is the barrel dimpling jig and AR pivot pin tool (makes installing the pins very easy, eliminates launching the spring and detent into another dimension)

Drawer 3, hammers and stuff


@Chris19d Like the LC2 gear too.


I’m a big fan of belt style loadbearing equipment, and LC2 is a solid cheep option. One of my goals for this year is to have 4 or 5 spare sets of LBE to go with extra rifles I have for arming friends in an emergency.


My gunsmithing tools are currently living in a couple shaving kit and zipper bags. Sad. With a dozen different boxes from roll arounds to a gang box, you’d think they’d have a proper home. There’s an engineers box that will one day house my GS tools, just have to re-arrange the tools living there now to make room.

Gotta love those ball end Allen keys. My personal preference is for individual screw drivers, custom ground to fit precisely over the 8 in 1 or loose bit 1/4" drive sets. Several pull double duty as well, hammers, punches, vices to name a few. The bulk of are geared towards AR building, supplemented with enough general purpose to get by.


My loving and understanding wife allowed me to convert a spare bedroom into my gun room. I had to agree to clean her guns for her but not much of a trade cause I enjoy cleaning them :+1:. I grabbed a couple tables from work, one is height adjustable which is sweet. Loaded what little tools I currently have in a homer box And have other assorted storage for things like cleaners, spare parts etc. I find I spend a lot of time in that room these days.


I have a two drawer box dedicated to AR building.
Pretty much setup the same as yours, same tools.
Only my top is full of small AR parts, LPK parts, etc.

I’ll put up a couple pictures when I get back home.

I’m working on setting up a spare room for GS.
Until then, I do most of my work on my bed, lol.
I have a small bench for vise work as well.


I tinker out in my garage. I have a old metal desk that is working for me. You can always find me out there Saturday & Sunday morning before 5:00 am.
Having coffee and scanning Mcarbo before jumping in on something.

Behind me I swiped a book case from my lovely wife to store my ammo.

All my bench blocks are home made. Largest is a hard plastic/rubber that was used to set panels on while we truck them down the road.



My Overkill Box in Kitchen Alcove :rofl: