M*CARBO Brotherhood

MCARBO Sub-2000 Range Day

Got my new M*CARBO Edition G19 last week. I added the recoil pad and a Talon Grip on Friday night and went to the range Saturday.

That rifle is so much fun to shoot. It surpassed my expectations. I don’t know what it is like to shoot an un-modified Sub-2000, but I can say I have no complaints so far. It ate hollow point reloads with my G17 mags and a Glock 33rd “fun stick” and no problem whatsoever.

It’s all clean and ready to go to the range again.

Good job M*CARBO.


@Fowler232 Awesome to hear.:+1: More fun to come for sure.


If you ever get a chance to shoot a stock S2K, do it. It will make you appreciate the MSERIES even more.


Couldnt agree more here. Part of the reason I enjoy the upgrades on mine so much is because i know exactly how they felt without them, haha.