MCarbo Sub 2000 mega internal kit : Will it fit a gen 1?

Before I pull the trigger on that order…

I’d like to confirm all the parts fit a gen 1 Sub 2000. I am doing a total rebuild on mine. Uses Glock mags and I’ll stick with that.

I have a gen2 that’s tricked out with all the MCarbo upgrades. I’m going to have some fun with my Gen 1. Upgraded internals, cerakote, Red Lion hand guard and front sight, red dot optics.


Kel tec installed the kit in my buddies gen 1 and my gen2 left coco beach and went to the Range, his gen 1 first shot it jammed , I called Mcarbo for something I ordered and told them what happened to my buddies gen 1
They told me for $150.00 they would upgrade it to a gen 2 , So we drove back to kel tec, and they upgraded it to a gen 2 , he’s a happy camper now
And they let you have what ever caliber you want and what mags you want to use pretty cool deal.


Did it. Sent in two gen 1’s. What a deal.

Very cool dung
It’s a sweet deal, glad to hear they took care of you,
Enjoy :+1: