MCarbo spring kit Kimber Micro 9

My compliments to MCarbo on the trigger spring kit for Kimber Micro 9!!
My Micro 9 came with an awful trigger…mushy at 8 lbs
After spring kit crisp 4 lbs …. it is a different gun.

Using installation video from Chris made it relatively easy …. not sure how he made replacing the sear look so easy…”drop in” ?
I wrestled with that for over an hour … other than that step it was easy.
Chris, thanks for the spring kit and the video!,
Capt Jack
St. Pete Beach


Glad you got it together. I have the Micro 9 Rapide and it took me 3 hours, after which I set it down, took a break, and then went back to it again. I gave it one last shot and the pin slipped right into place. I found that slightly depressing the trigger helped with the alignment and getting that pin through. Otherwise, it’s going to be an exercise in frustration. My pistol had an original pull of over 10 pounds ! Yes. Sent it back to Kimber, they reworked the trigger, took it down to 8 pounds, still not good enough, so I bought the spring kit. The installation was straightforward in theory and on the video, but not so with my arthritic fingers and hands. Still, I got it done, and the trigger is down to about 6 pounds as measured. It might loosen up as time goes by, and I give it more workouts.

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yep…i spent over an hour just on the sear installation, got lucky…don’t know what i did but finally got it in. I live near MCarbo, i was going to take the gun there but in the end got lucky.
Well worth the effort…it is a different gun

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I just got my Kimber Micro 9. Ran 100 rounds through it and the trigger is terrible, probably around 8 lbs.
I just got my Mcarbo kit. Is there a down side to just installing the upgraded springs without putting in the upgraded sear spring?

Probably no downside but you won’t get the benefit of the improved trigger without installing the entire kit

I just finished the install on my Kimber Micro 9.
The video was great. It took me 45 minutes to do the complete install. I can’t wait to check it out at the range.
Thank you.
John Napoli