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MCarbo Rear Notch Sight

OK Brothers, I am an FNG here.

I just purchased my Sub2000 gen 2 and did some upgrades including the rear notch sight.

Followed the video to the letter. The sight will not pop up when I open the carbine, I have to use the lever to flip the sight in place.

I have loosened the bolt to the point it is rattling, I have lubed, etc. Still will not pop into place.

Any suggestions? I am sure I screwed something up, can’t figure what it is.


Welcome to the forum.
I don’t know that answer right off hand myself, but some of these guys will I’m sure.

Take a look through the thread list @ https://forum.mcarbo.com/c/sub-2000/5
The answer is probably in one of the existing threads on the subject. The best thing to do is use the search function. Type in “rear site” and that will start bringing up threads on the subject.

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