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well I sent in my sub 2k for a bunch of work last Nov/Dec. Got it back in late Jan, worked the parts that were added and thought it was a success. Finally got around to working on the sling this past weekend and the QD mount that was installed was backwards. Well, didnt like it but took the gun apart and reinstalled it. At that time I find a bunch of grind marks on the barrel behind the front sight that look like the barrel was in a vice and the gun was rotated. Barrel extremely marred and bluing gone. Spoke with customer service and waiting to see what will come of it but beware if you send your guns in for gunsmithing.


Did you send it to Mcarbo or Keltec?


@jcspencerjr Were the barrel marks there before you sent it to MCARBO? Are you 100% certain who caused the barrel marks? Has customer service resolved your claim? I have no idea why you would create an account on an MCARBO owned and operated forum to disparage MCARBO. This isn’t a Yelp review site. I would suggest waiting for a resolution with customer service instead.


Well Said ! and Then @jcspencerjr Maybe could do A Apology To All ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I Ain’t Buying it.


I didn’t notice a list of items or requested work that you requested/paid for. In fairness to this site and those who read and value the site, my suggestion is you tell the whole story.
This would include all the details in “a bunch of stuff”, where you sent it, how old your sub 2k is and how many rounds you have put through it, other work you had done to it prior to sending it,
AND the results of your customer service by where ever you sent it.
Who are we to share our opinions of your post? Those that share a common respect and understanding of the site and the value of like-minded folks. Things may not roll that way in the twin cities, but that’s the way we have it here. RESPECT AND UNDERSTANDING.
JC, Sometimes, just sometimes, it is better to share the entire story, end to end, before you open your keyboard and randomly shoot off a misfire.


K, so … first question I had was: “why rip a smith without identifying them?” On the re-read to determine whether or not I had missed that central piece of information, the question morphed into: “why the heck did you pull the handguard to flip a QD mount?”

I’m guilty of risking two assumptions. 1st was: must be blaming MCARBO or KT for shoddy work, and 2nd followed: why pull the handguard (to find the barrel damage) since the qd cups offered ride the bolt tube or the receiver halve nut?


Didn’t rip a gunsmith since I didn’t know his name…I ripped the bad gunsmith work…also, if you look at the post, I didn’t remove the forearm, never said I did…actually I was remounting the red dot on the mcarbo red dot mount and then noticed the damage…and now even mcarbo doubts the gunsmiths work…who is now gone…u people should not be so defense…everyone makes a mistake…I just don’t want a damaged rifle that I paid to be upgraded to be the victim …and I want to send more work to mcarbo…


@jcspencerjr Hey John. A lot of “assumptions” are made when someone opens an account here… posts something perceived to be negative… and then doesn’t sign back in again that day.
And yes… we are a bit defensive when someone puts down MCARBO… right or wrong… that’s just the way it goes sometime.
I hope you get to the bottom of everything and stay as a contributing member of the Brotherhood here. :+1:


Remember brother, I am POSITIVE about mcarvo


And I appreciate your”kinder” more”positive” response…23 year navy vet…don’t need a bunch of crap…everyone has an opinion…but facts are facts


Continuing the discussion from Mcarbo gunsmith:

To all, it was not my intend to disparage mcarbo…I have purchased many of their parts. This was the first time I had taken advantage of the gunsmith service.I’m on a phone and can’t seem to scroll back to the comments so I’ll try to hit the high lights…the sub went to mcarbo, not kel tek…I removed the butt stock/pad and bolt assembly to turn around the QD mount…sorry If I implied otherwise…the sub is a gen 2 and had about 500 rounds through it…no, there would be no reason for me to grind what looks to be vice groves into my barrel…I’m sure the guns are examined at mcarbo upon receipt to determine what condition they are in prior to starting work so this would have been detected and pointed out to me…I had emailed mcarbo several times after noting the damage but didn’t receive a reply so I called yesterday and got a real person, Jessica…I subsequently spoke with Waldo in the shop and provided photos…also, fyi, I found out that the tech that did the work is no longer there…I received an email back from him (Waldo) this morning saying they were looking into this, reviewing video and would like to have the gun back to look at which I will do….one of my primary concerns was that I wanted to have work done to my pmr 30 but not if it was the same gunsmith…didn’t mean to rile the forum up and i know the gang at mcarbo are busy… it’s tough to get a live person, at least in my experience) but if something isn’t working right I’m sure Chris and the gang would want to know…and I know of I was sending a gun in for work I’d be checking to see if anyone has had any issues. So those are the details requested….apologies to those that were offended….the gun is going back and we shall see…


Well… that changes things. :rofl:

Welcome aboard John! There is a thread (somewhere) to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit more about yourself if you like.

~ Brian


@jcspencerjr Just to maybe clarify the reasoning behind some of the responses from everyone.
This group is a very close-knit community of people whose support and loyalty has been earned by Mcarbo through its commitment to them as a valued customer.

In the past, there have been on rare occasion, people maligning or making personal attacks (for reasons unknown) against MCarbo through this forum, with intentionally false, incorrect, unfounded, and unsupported accusations, or trying to place blame and responsibility on MCarbo for the purpose of unfairly getting something not due them.

I, nor the others responding to your post here, in any way believe or are suggesting this is true in your case. However, because of those incidents in the past, they are the first to stand up and ask for more clarity and details about the situation just the same.

By the same token, these people will also stand in defense and support on your behalf, to insure you receive the service and quality you deserve from MCarbo.

It is for these reasons that they seek all the details and circumstances of any issues, including yours.


@jcspencerjr Welcome to the Brother Hood of Mcarbo,and Please Enjoy this Fine & Outstanding Group of Vets, Who have Suggested and Had Chris Listen to Our suggestions & Bit*** about the Original Sub 2000 Design and Flaws’ along with Other Ideas on Other Products.’
Whoever or Whatever happened to Your Weapon will get taken Care of !
That’s just the Way it Works here Enjoy.



Due to the nature of this kind of format, continuity of conversation isn’t perfect. You and I were composing a response at the same time, so I didn’t read yours until after the fact, so to speak.

FWIW…Although you graciously offered it, I personally don’t believe you committed any offense, or owed an apology. That being said (as I have no immunity to member scrutiny and rebuff either). any disagreement to that assessment will be landing in my inbox shortly to be sure. LOL
You simply fell victim to things from the past you could never have known or predicted, and not from any action or wording in your post.

Just as you have done, providing and sharing all accurate and detailed info, experience and guidance that can be given, and bringing to light any and all possible issues is and has always been one of the core goals of the forum and its members.