Mcarbo feed ramp, how soon and how important is it for the keltec sub 2k

I just am really going thru 100s of rounds in a very short time…and i am really woundering how soon i should swop out this fees ramp for a metal one ?


I replaced mine writhing a few weeks of owning it. I did not like the plastic feed ramp it came with. If you plan on doing any trigger upgrades or springs wait and do it all at once.


As beezer said and many other will tell you. The metal feed ramp is alot better then the plastic orignal. And like has been said if your planing on going inside your sub2k to upgrade other parts aswell do all you want the first time. The reassembly of the sub seems to be a pain for most who have done it. So do it once and enjoy.


It’s like a tree. The best time to plant one is 20 years ago.

Get the metal one, polish it. It will love you long time.


Great advice guys thank you. I will do a full upgrade all at once then. And ASAP !!!


Check out Red Lion Precision rotating hand guard.

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Why does it have a feed ramp hooked to it :thinking:!!!

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