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MCARBO CZ Kit Discussion

I’m linking a discussion about this kit from the CZ Forum. Disclosure: I don’t have experience with the kit as both of mine made stops at the CZ Custom Shop before coming to live with me.

Feedback is positive and I’m thinking about building up a TriStar C100 (Turkish CZ Clone) so was reading up.

Discussion @ czfirearms.us

I’m sold.


Thanks, I appreciate the info

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I Used the CZ 75 Spring Kit from M*CARBO on My SAR B6P made all the difference in the World along with new trigger from CZ custom.IMG00053



Isn’t the B6P closer to Tanfoglio than to CZ-75?
Is the mainspring shorter, going down in the frame about an inch and something, not all the way down?
Which of the M*CARBO spring were able to fit? The trigger return spring and the sear spring?

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Sir: Trigger Bite/Slap Was my main Bitc*(1st) I Used the Trigger Return Spring, And the Sear Spring, from CZ Custom for the CZ 75’ Some Improvement’ Then I did the M*CARBO Swap Except for the Hammer Spring,Your Right it is much longer than the Original, B6P Spring’ And I Used a Wolfe Hammer Spring for a Taurus Revolvers (8.0) models # 73,85,605.
And Finally went with the Cz8 Combat Trigger /C75-05 #10010 Make sure to get Replacement pins While your in There.
Hope this Helped.

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