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MCARBO Beretta 92 Pro trigger kit

I purchased a MCARBO Beretta 92 pro trigger kit for my EAA imported Girsan Regard, clone of the Beretta 92.

All parts fit great, the install of the parts can be done by just about anyone who is mechanically inclined, and made a huge difference in performance.

The trigger pull is greatly reduced in SA/DA from factory components, as is the hammer pull, and the recoil is also less. I don’t have a gauge to measure trigger pull, but it takes substantially less effort, especially in SA.

I would definitely recommend this kit for 92’s and clones.


I too have the Regard and just installed the MCarbo trigger, 13lb hammer spring and recoil spring. Is it really necessary to replace the sear, firing pin and extractor springs? The in hand feel is dramatically improved (trigger finger suffers from arthritis) and can maintain sight picture with out a problem while dry firing. Soon to test at range in next few days.

Just making sure when you say all, this includes the 92FS Compacts as well?

I would replace the sear, firing pin, and extractor springs. When changing the trigger spring, the reduced trigger spring resistance (felt effort to overcome trigger spring “tension”) affects how the sear spring works/releases the hammer in a Girsan. The springs need to be in the correct ratios to work together.

I did not try only replacing the trigger spring, as I paid for all the springs, so I looked forward to seeing what the changes felt like after shooting the stock pistol.

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Here is what MCARBO has on the website when purchasing the kit

  • Functions in all Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 & 96 Centerfire Models and Calibers
  • Will NOT work in Rimfire Models such as .22 LR
  • Also functions in the EAA Girsan Regard 92, Taurus PT99 and Taurus PT92 models.

I have not dug into it further, but I do not think there is any difference in frame size and internal trigger, sear, firing pin, and extractor spring sizes. The recoil spring, yes, should be a different length, but the others, I would believe to be the same regardless of frame size.

If I am wrong, my apologies.

I did get the pro kit with all the springs but to my dismay I did not have small punches to disassemble the slide. I always said the most valuable tool is the one holding the job up :slight_smile: Originally I only wanted the reduced hammer spring but the cost of shipping made the pro kit better deal for few dollars more. I will try it as is and pick up proper size punches to install rest of kit and see if/how much a difference it makes and let you know.

Let us know how you think it shoots after installing all of the springs. I believe you will really like the results.