MCARBO Backorders - How Long To Get Fulfilled


hey folks - would like to take advantage of this weekend’s coupon, but the item i’m interested in is backordered - any idea of how long backorders take to get fulfilled? or does it depend on the item?

tks in advance

on the Gulf of Mexico

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I’m in the same boat. I’m wanting the KSG Extended Mag Tube Switch. I wish that there was an option to put in my email address to be notified when they were in stock.


@ChrisNelson Nothing about backorders but about MCARBO sales, I just noticed if you go on Ebay and type in Kel-Tec Sub-2000 that no MCARBO parts pop up but if you type in Kel-Tec S2K then the MCARBO parts from MCARBO pop up. Alot of new comers to the Sub-2000 might not know that S2K is used alot when typing about the Sub-2000 because it’s shorter to type.