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May Match Rules/Target

Here’s the announcement for our monthly match, for May 2021.

No rules changes with the exception of the (experimental) addition of a Digital Division. Rules are found here: Sharpshooter Series Official Rules

This month’s target is found here: May 2021 MiM Target

All divisions will shoot this target, 5 rounds for score. Bonus points for those using iron sighted rifles at 25, 50 and 100yds. 25 & 50yds gets you 2 while 100yds gets you 5 bonus points.

So, we’ll try an experiment and add a Digital Division. Rules are outlined in this post and if this works we’ll add to the Official Rules as linked herein.

Digital Division Rules:

Any type or combination of digital shooting system allowed.

Use the same target as this months Mail In Match contestants.

Distance will be set at 5 yards.

Five rounds for score.


Morning Folks
Where can I find the monthly target for June 2021?
Still trying to get hold of using this forum

Here ya go: https://forum.mcarbo.com/t/june-2021-sharpshooters-match-rules-and-target

To help you find us, a banner is on top of the page each month, and you can also access the monthly match by left clicking the “all categories” white drop down box at the top left of the page and scroll down to “Mail n Match”.

Thanks Festus
I still a bit confused. Can I submit my targets by posting a pic here or must I mail them in? And if so, where? I can’t seem to find an address for submitting them.
Sorry if I’m being a pain in the butt……

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What division have you shot? I’ll open a topic for you if one isn’t already open.

No worries, our format has a bit of a learning curve, glad to help.

Just post a scored and completed target in the category for that match. No need to mail anything.

I’m hitting the range tomorrow with the 44 revolver and couple of 10/22’s.

I’ll start a HG2 Division for the 44, what distance for the .22’s? (25, 50 or 100 yards) Will post up the links for you here.